Cold front arrives in Rio this weekend with winds of up to 76 km/h

Cold front arrives in Rio this weekend with winds of up to 76 km/h
Cold front arrives in Rio this weekend with winds of up to 76 km/h

The weekend in Rio will start with plenty of sun and heat this Saturday morning (3), reaching a maximum of 31 degrees. But the approach of a cold front will generate an increase in cloudiness at the end of the day, and there is a forecast of light rain from the night. According to Alerta Rio, the winds will be moderate to strong, reaching 76 km/h, during the afternoon and at night, in the Metropolitan Region and in the Center-South of Rio de Janeiro. The estimate of rain is around 5 millimeters for the city of Rio.

— Saturday starts with good weather, but from the afternoon it can already have strong gusts of wind. The temperature drops a lot, changing the weather at the end of the night, with rain and winds. It is necessary to be careful because there is a possibility of a drop of 10 degrees from Saturday to Sunday – informed Marlene Leal, meteorologist at Inmet.

Due to the passage of this cold front through the ocean, on Sunday (4), the weather remains unstable, with a maximum of 21 degrees. The forecast is for cloudy to overcast skies and light to moderate rain, isolated, at any time, reaching 10 millimeters. Winds will be moderate (between 18.5 km/h to 51.9 km/h) and temperatures will decline.

The rain remains weak and isolated at dawn on Monday (5), due to the transport of moisture from the ocean that will keep the weather unstable.

The Rio Operations Center reinforces the safety recommendations prepared by the State Civil Defense (Sedec-RJ) and the Rio Fire Department in case of gusts of strong winds.

At home:

– Close windows, hinges and cabinet doors to prevent wind pipes inside the house.

– Blinds, curtains or blackouts should also be closed to prevent shrapnel from spreading, in case any window breaks;

– Electric appliances and gas valve must be closed. That way, there is no aggravation in case of a tree fall;

– Avoid leaving objects that can fall in high places;

– Keep the trees in the garden or backyard always pruned and well cared for;

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– Be aware: if there is a lack of light, be careful with the use of candles to avoid fires.

To enjoy the North and West zones:

In the street:

– Do not take shelter under trees or metal roofs;

– Avoid practicing outdoor sports, especially at sea;

– Avoid being close to precipices, slopes or high places without protection;

– Avoid going under electrical cables, billboards, scaffolding, stairs;

– Do not park vehicles close to transmission towers and advertising signs;

– Do not burn garbage, do not set fire to land to remove vegetation, do not light fires or throw cigarette butts on roads or land with woods;

– Be aware: if a tree falls, it is possible that the power network has been broken. In this situation, there is a risk of accidents caused by lightning.

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