Bolsonaro’s 1st mansion was paid with ‘cash on the outside’

Bolsonaro’s 1st mansion was paid with ‘cash on the outside’
Bolsonaro’s 1st mansion was paid with ‘cash on the outside’

posted on 09/02/2022 16:53

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A former employee of the family of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), named Marcelo Nogueira, revealed in an interview with the portal UOL that the first mansion where the candidate for reelection lived was paid for with “cash on the side”.

Located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, the property was purchased in 2002 and served as a residence for Bolsonaro and his second ex-wife, lawyer Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle.

Nogueira revealed that the information came after a confidence by Ana Cristina, who denies the accusations. He said that, when cleaning the mansion’s office and organizing some papers, he saw the deed to the house, and commented to Bolsonaro’s ex-wife that he was surprised by the value. It was then that she said to him: “It’s just that there’s always one on the outside, right?”.

In the deed for the sale of the mansion, it is stated that the property was negotiated for R$ 500 thousand, but, at the time, the mansion had an appraisal value for tax calculation in the total of R$ 874,1 thousand. That is, on paper, the deal came out with a 43% discount. Currently, the house is worth almost R$ 3 million.

BRL 25.6 million in cash

The new complaint comes three days after a patrimonial survey carried out by UOL, in which it was revealed that almost half of Bolsonaro’s and his closest family’s real estate assets were built in the last three decades with the use of cash.

From the 1990s to the present day, the president, brothers and sons have negotiated 107 properties, of which at least 51 were acquired totally or partially using cash, according to a statement by the clan members themselves.

Purchases registered at the registry offices using the payment method “in national currency”, a standardized expression for transfers in cash, totaled R$ 13.5 million. In values ​​adjusted by the IPCA, this amount is currently equivalent to R$ 25.6 million.

“What’s the problem?”, complains Bolsonaro

After the discovery, Bolsonaro became angry again with journalists who questioned him about the purchase of real estate in cash by his family.

“What’s the problem with buying a property with cash, I don’t know what’s written in the article… What’s the problem?” ), in Brasília, last Tuesday (30).

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