At least 6 owners report deaths of dogs in SP due to kidney failure after ingesting snacks from the same brand | Sao Paulo

At least 6 owners report deaths of dogs in SP due to kidney failure after ingesting snacks from the same brand | Sao Paulo
At least 6 owners report deaths of dogs in SP due to kidney failure after ingesting snacks from the same brand | Sao Paulo

In Minas Gerais, the Civil Police began to investigate the death of nine dogs that ingested branded products. After the report published by g1a group of tutors from São Paulo who lost animals due to kidney failure and who had ingested snacks from the brand are meeting to file a lawsuit with the Public Ministry against the company.

“What I can say is that people are moving, each of them will file an individual action and we are seeking one collectively, either through the Public Ministry, so that we can take joint action to prevent this from continuing”, said the lawyer Fabio Balieiro, who is handling the case of the dogs that died in São Paulo.

2 of 4 Bassar Every Day Snack Package. — Photo: Personal archive

Bassar Every Day snack packaging. — Photo: Personal archive

The preliminary report of one of the dogs killed in Minas Gerais pointed to ethylene glycol poisoning. According to Rogerio A. Machado, professor of Chemistry and Environment at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, ethylene glycol is a substance added to the refrigeration system to lower the temperature without letting the coolant freeze. It may be that, in this process, the substance, which is toxic, has contaminated the product.

Consumption can cause vomiting, dizziness, kidney problems, brain problems and lead to death – in humans, dogs or any living being.

In a statement, the company Bassar stated that it informs that it “has decided to interrupt production at its factory until the suspicions of contamination of pets involving batches of its products are fully clarified. The company is also hiring a specialized company to carry out a detailed inspection of all production processes and machinery in its factory in São Paulo”.(see full note at the end of the text)

This Friday (2), the Ministry of Agriculture ordered the national recall of all batches of products and the ban on the factory of the Bassar company, in Guarulhos, due to the suspicion of contamination. To date, the products with suspected toxic substances are Every Day liver flavor (lot 3554) and Dental Care (lot 3467). However, tutors heard by the g1 stated that Every Day batches 3640 and 3552 would also be contaminated.

“I gave him the treat, through my hands, I feel as if I had killed my dog,” says lawyer Nayele de Freitas Guidetti, 34. She owned Zeca, an 8-year-old French bulldog who died on August 7. He felt sick and was hospitalized after consuming an Every Day snack.

3 out of 4 French Bulldog, Zeca. — Photo: Personal archive

French Bulldog, Zeca. — Photo: Personal archive

Nayele informed the g1 who sought a lawyer after suspecting that his dog also died from the treat.

“All the dogs went through the same situation, after consuming the treat, they got into a condition of intoxication and acute renal failure. In the case of my dog, we ran for tests, we took him to the ICU, where he stayed for three days His kidney stopped, we despaired, and the vet tried a place on hemodialysis, but he was suffering a lot and we had to sacrifice him. My dog ​​was poisoned, it was a control failure at the factory, but they are not seeing the severity of it”, said Nayele.

She approached Basser for clarification, but was informed by a company employee that they do not know how many batches would be contaminated with the substance.

“I’m very scared, I found out that this poisoning was happening yesterday, my floor fell down again, I’m experiencing grief again. We spent what we had and what we didn’t have to try to save my dog, it was almost R$ 30 thousand between hospitalization until the day of death, and nothing will bring him back, nothing will.”

Amanda Gomes lost her dog the same way. Nick, a 1-year-old German spitz, had also ingested the brand’s snack. “He started to feel sick on August 7 after he ate the treat. We took him to the vet, and he was hospitalized. When it was on Sunday (14), they redid the exams and told us that the best option was to sacrifice.”

According to the veterinarians who treated Amanda’s dog, he also died due to the evolution of kidney failure. “At the time, the doctors even suspected that he had some disease from birth, because he was young, but a few days ago, he had broken his paw and we did all the tests and there was nothing. Now, knowing that it may have been the snack , my world has fallen.”

At least three dogs are hospitalized in the city of São Paulo after having ingested snacks from Bassar, all with renal failure. One of them is Mel, who is being treated at a veterinary hospital in the East Zone of São Paulo.

4 of 4 Mutt Mel has been hospitalized since August 27th. — Photo: Personal archive/ Beatriz Malengo Andrade

Mutt Mel has been hospitalized since August 27. — Photo: Personal archive/ Beatriz Malengo Andrade

“She consumed the snack on August 23, at [mesmo] day already started vomiting and stopped eating everything. I took her to a veterinary clinic closer to home and there she was hospitalized because she was already showing signs of dehydration, but she was released. On the return day (25), she received more medication via saline and we left with prescriptions for medication to treat vomiting. As she did not improve, she even got worse, on Saturday, the 27th, I took her to a 24-hour hospital”, said Beatriz Malengo Andrade, 26, Mel’s tutor.

Mel consumed the Every Day from batch 3554. According to Beatriz, the veterinarians who are responsible for the mutt confirmed that the condition progressed to kidney problems.

O g1 asked the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP) whether the capital’s cases are being investigated. In a statement, the ministry reported that it received a complaint about a single case, of a German Sptiz dog that “died after eating snacks, on Monday (29), in the Campo Belo neighborhood, in the south of São Paulo. According to the animal’s owner, a 32-year-old woman, she had bought the product for her dog and, after ingesting it, he began to have vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to refusing to drink water and feed”.

“He was admitted to a veterinary center, where his clinical condition worsened. The animal did not survive. The snacks were seized and sent to the Criminalistics Institute (IC). The case was registered as a crime against consumer relations by the 27th Police District. (Campo Belo),” he added.

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais reported, this Friday (2), that it identified the presence of monoethylene glycol in one of the snacks for dogs delivered to the police station by owners of animals who felt sick or died after ingesting the products.

The substance had already been detected through a necropsy performed by the Veterinary School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) on one of the dead dogs.

According to the mining police, the number of dogs killed in Belo Horizonte with suspected poisoning rose to seven – until the night of this Thursday (1st), there were six. Others six hospitalizations were registered in the capital of Minas Gerais. In Piumhi, in the Midwest of the state, there was also one death.

According to the delegate Danúbia Quadros, responsible for the case, the Civil Police of Minas received reports of deaths of dogs after consuming the suspicious snacks in eight other states, in addition to the Federal District: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul , Paraná, Santa Catarina, Alagoas, Sergipe and Goiás.

Three snack brands are investigated for suspected monoethylene glycol contamination: Dental Care, Every Day and Petz Snack Oral Care. All are manufactured by the Bassar company.

“Bassar Pet Food informs that it has decided to stop the production of its factory until the suspicions of contamination of pets involving batches of its products are fully clarified. The company is also hiring a specialized company to carry out a detailed inspection of all production processes and machinery at its factory in São Paulo.

As a preventive measure, the company was already collecting the batches of two food lines, but will now proceed with the collection of all the company’s products nationally, as determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

Bassar clarifies that it has not yet had access to the report produced by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, but has been fully collaborating with the authorities since the beginning of the reports on the cases. The company sent product samples to national reference institutes to certify the safety and compliance of its products under investigation.

In addition, it called on all its suppliers to track the inputs used to rule out the possibility of any type of contamination.

The company stands in solidarity with all pet owners – our consumers and the reason our company exists. We are most interested in clarifying the case. Therefore, the company has been taking all measures to investigate the facts. Consumers can ask questions by emailing [email protected]

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