In escort! Dogs ‘take a wave’ on top of pickup in ES and video goes viral

In escort! Dogs ‘take a wave’ on top of pickup in ES and video goes viral
In escort! Dogs ‘take a wave’ on top of pickup in ES and video goes viral

An unusual scene of two dogs on top of a pickup truck caught the internet’s grace. The record of the moment – which, in a few hours, reached more than 140 thousand views on social networks – was recorded this Friday morning (2), in the Center of Santa Maria de Jetibá, in the Serrana region of Espírito Santo.

From the images, it is possible to see that one of the dogs is lying on the ceiling, and the other is standing on the windshield. The vehicle circulates along the street, apparently carrying recycling materials in its luggage, such as cardboard. Who made the video was businessman Willian Sperandio, 31 years old, resident of the city. According to him, the puppies are known as Pitcha and Filates, and they always ‘walk’ that way.

“Every day he goes around the city ‘picking up’ recyclables. The dogs go down, take a walk around the place. When he goes out with the vehicle, the two always go up. This is commonplace, every day we see it. It’s already something common in Santa Maria”, says the businessman.

With good humor, Sperandio says that he did not expect all the repercussions and that he had already tried to “bomb” the scene a few times, without success. “I had recorded it and shared it on Instagram pages, but now it really exploded in Espírito Santo. I was surprised. More than 100 thousand views in three or four hours”, he declares.


Although the scene is fun, it can pose risks to the lives of the driver and the dogs, as explained by the traffic specialist and representative of the Capixaba Movement to Save Lives in Traffic (Movitran), André Cerqueira. “Obligatorily, the animals have to be transported inside the car, in a transport box. If this is not possible, a seat belt must be used. Never in the trunk, and never loose in the back of the vehicle”, he points out.

Sperandio, however, argues that the owner of Pitcha and Filates takes the necessary care to ensure the safety of the dogs. “He doesn’t go more than 20 km per hour. He always passes slowly on the street”, he guarantees.

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