Brazil has a trade surplus of US$ 4.2 billion in August – Forbes

Brazil has a trade surplus of US$ 4.2 billion in August – Forbes
Brazil has a trade surplus of US$ 4.2 billion in August – Forbes

Carla Carniel

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The balance commercial Brazileira registered surplus of US$ 4.16 bilions (R$ 21.53 billion) in Augustinformed the Ministry of Economy today (1), salof 48% lower of that watches youof in the same month in 2021. Still, theof came better of that the expectation of marketof. Reuters poll of economists pointed to projection in saltof positive of US$ 3.80 bilions (R$ 19.76 billion) for the periodof.

The movement in reduction of saltof is explainsof by stronger growth in imports. The number of month passesof is resultsof of US$ 30.84 bilions (BRL 160.37 billion) in exports, which grew 8.4% in comparison with the same month in 2021, and $26.67 bilions (R$ 138.68 billion) in imports high in 30.5%.

The dynamics of exports in the month was explained by a high in 5.3% on prices ofs products and in 8.0% on volume soldof.

In the cut by activityin economy, there was an increase in exports in agriculture (+38.4%) and industry in transformation (+24.8%).

The mining and quarrying industry, in turn, dropped 30.2% in export valueofwith impact in an average fall in 22.0% on prices ofs products and in 6.6% in volume inbargeof. In the segment, there was a sharp drop in exports in ore in iron, a retreat in 56.2% in the amount soldof because prices fell by the targetin in compared to the peak reachedof in August in 2021.

In the month, the most intense growth in the value of imports was driven byof for a high in 20.5% off prices ofs products and in 14.9% in purchase volumeof.

does not accumulateof in january to Augustforeign trade Brazileiro recorded a saltof positive of US$ 44.1 bi(R$ 229.32 billion), a level 15.8% lower of that watches youof in the same periodof in 2021.

the resultof of year is fruit of US$ 225.1 bilions (BRL 1.1 trillion) in exports (+18.4%) and US$ 181.0 bilions (BRL 941 billion) in imports (+31.5%).

the last projection of Ministry of Economy for the balance commercial at closing in 2022 points to a surplus of BRL 81.5 bimillion, but Reuters showed that the government insee review theof down in the face of the sharp rise in values in products matterofs across the country. The next official projection will be released at the beginning in October.

the undersecretary in Intelligence and Statistics in Foreign trade of Ministry of Economy, Herlon Brandão, said it is possible that the balance surpasses the saltof recorin in 2021, of US$ 61.4 bilions (R$ 319.2 billion)but inhighlighted uncertainty in around estimates.

“We have seen a greatin volatilidein in the forecasts on account of price effect”, he said. “We would need in plus $26 bilions (R$ 135.2 billion) in these four months of year to at least equal to (saltof of) year passesofit is possible for this to happen, it is difficult to predict this behavior in saltof“.

He pointed out that as the peak of the international price of ore in iron was hitof in August of year passesofthe price factor inve weigh less down in the interannual comparison ofs next few months.

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