Soraya promises income tax exemption to all teachers

The Union Brazil candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Soraya Thronicke, said today (1st) that, if elected, all teachers in the country, both public and private, will be exempt from income tax. The candidate also said that she intends to invest in technology in the educational field.

“To provide conditions for children to innovate, with the internet and new technologies, and to value teachers. Exempt public and private network income taxes,” wrote Thronicke on his social media.

According to the candidate, the impact of the tax exemption, considering all teachers who work from elementary school to graduate school, will be R$ 10 billion per year. Thronicke’s government proposal also provides for an income tax exemption for all workers who receive up to five minimum wages, or R$6,060.

This afternoon, the candidate made recordings for the electoral program. At night, she will participate in the launch of campaigns by Jorge Tadeu for state deputy and Sandra Tadeu for federal deputy, both candidates for União Brasil.

Click here and see the agenda of candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for this Thursday (1st).

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