Lack of definition in Ciro’s agenda generates unease among allies in MG

The constant uncertainty and the recent cancellations in the Ciro Gomes (PDT) in Minas Gerais has generated unease among the former minister’s allies in the state. The latest change in plans for the PDT candidate for the Planalto Palace took place this week after Ciro canceled for the second time his visit to Juiz de Fora, in Zona da Mata.

Last Friday (26), after postponing the agenda at the last minute in the city and in Manhuaçu to dedicate himself to recording electoral programs on radio and TV, the advice of the former governor of Ceará assured that Ciro had only postponed the agenda in the cities, but that a new visit would take place this Sunday (4). However, a new presidential candidate’s agenda has been released and it seems Ciro changed the Zona da Mata to go on the same date to Alfenas, in the south of Minas and Uberlândia, in the Triângulo.

According to people connected to the PDT, so far the plan is for the former minister to come to Minas Gerais for the first time since the beginning of the electoral race this weekend. Ciro is expected to go on Saturday (3) to Contagem, in the metropolitan region, in the afternoon, and in the evening to visit Aglomerado da Serra, in Belo Horizonte. On Sunday (4), Ciro is expected to go to the interior of the state, in Alfenas and Uberlândia. The candidate’s press office, however, did not officially confirm the agenda and did not clarify the reason for the second cancellation of Ciro’s visit to Juiz de Fora.

This lack of definition by the former minister in Minas Gerais has even disappointed supporters, who need to change their campaign agenda at the last minute to be able to accompany Ciro in the state. Some allies have even given up on attending future presidential agendas in Minas due to uncertainties in the pedetista’s campaign planning.

The candidate for the government of Minas, Marcus Pestana (PSDB), began to publicly support Senator Simone Tebet (MDB) to the Planalto Palace after Ciro’s latest “slips”. The toucan said this week that he supports a third way for the presidency of the republic, including the name of the MDB candidate and Ciro Gomes on his platform in Minas Gerais. In the last week, Pestana and Bruno Miranda (PDT)candidate for the Senate, announced that they would receive the pedestrian in Juiz de Fora, but it ended up that the two made the agenda alone in the city after Ciro canceled a few hours before he would no longer come to Minas Gerais.

One of the strongest names of the PDT in Minas, the councilor of Belo Horizonte Duda Salabert (PDT), candidate for federal deputy, despite publicly supporting and having a good relationship with Ciro, has not appeared on the agendas of the former governor of Ceará in State. When he gave up his candidacy for the Senate in July, Duda said at the time that, although he was well positioned in the polls to vote for the position, he did not agree with the alliance that Ciro himself formed to have the PSDB’s platform in Minas Gerais.

“This time he comes”

The president of the PDT in the state, Mário Heringer, guaranteed that this time Ciro will come to Minas and said that the reason for the cancellation in Juiz de Fora last Friday was solely and exclusively for the former minister to prepare for the debate on the Band held last Sunday (28). According to the federal deputy, Ciro made a commitment to return to the Zona da Mata, but without setting a specific date, contradicting the candidate’s press office version, which at the time of the cancellation stated that the former governor of Ceará would come this Sunday to the City.

“Last week’s cancellation was due to Bolsonaro and Lula agreeing to go to the debate at the last minute and, of course, that naturally he had to prepare himself. commitment to return to Juiz de Fora not exactly on the following Sunday, we already had this weekend schedule scheduled for the metropolitan region and in Uberlândia and Alfenas”, explained Heringer who stated that Ciro intends to come by October at least three more times to the State.

For the visit from the weekend, Ciro will be accompanied by deputy Ana Paula Matos (PDT). Marcus Pestana’s team confirmed its presence at the BH and Contagem events. Bruno Miranda said that it should be on all of Ciro’s agendas in the state.

Minas Gerais

Due to recent changes in the agenda, Ciro’s only visit to Minas Gerais this month was on the 12th, when the former minister participated in the “Business Connection” event in Belo Horizonte, still in the pre-campaign.

Ciro tries to leverage his candidacy for the presidency in Minas, which is skating in third place, but far behind the first two. According to the latest survey DATETIME, Ciro fluctuated from 4.3% to 5.2% between the months of July and August in Minas Gerais. The poll maintains the tendency to point Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) ahead, with Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in second place.

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