Judiciary of Mato Grosso

Judiciary of Mato Grosso
Judiciary of Mato Grosso

The president of the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso, judge Maria Helena Póvoas, will install the Judiciary Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship (Cejusc) of the Public Treasury in a formal ceremony this Friday (September 2), at 9:30 am. The ceremony will be held in the Desembargador Gervásio Leite auditorium, at the headquarters of the Palácio da Justiça, in Cuiabá and will be broadcast live on the official TJMT channel on Youtube.

The president of the Permanent Nucleus of Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution and Citizenship (Nupemec), judge Mário Kono de Oliveira will be present at the ceremony.

The installation of the Public Treasury Cejusc is another possibility that the state Judiciary offers for the resolution of disputes, in a faster, cheaper way and with all the advantages of adequate methods of conflict resolution for the processing of cases involving the State or Municipality.

The coordinator of Nupemec, judge Cristiane Padim da Silva, highlights the importance of having this service available to society in Mato Grosso.

“Consensuality in the public administration is a real possibility in our legal system and the installation of the Cejusc of the Public Treasury in our State will facilitate society’s access to agreements with public entities in which it is possible to negotiate. Allied to this benefit, we can highlight the possibility of building dialogued solutions without the need to file a lawsuit. It is essential to note that the installation of this self-compositional space was only possible due to the peaceful dialogue between all those involved: the State, Mato-Grossense Association of Municipalities, Public Ministry, Public Defender’s Office, OAB and the Judiciary.”

Provision – Signed by the president of the TJMT and published on August 15th, Provision N. 27/2022 provides for the installation of the Public Treasury Cejusc and informs how it will function.

The Cejusc of the Public Treasury will have jurisdiction in all the counties of Mato Grosso and will receive pre-procedural procedures related to the causes within the scope of the public administration.

Judge Agamenon Alcântara Moreno Júnior, of the 3rd Specialized Court of the Public Treasury of the Capital, will be the coordinator of Cejusc, which will work with the unified secretariat of the Public Treasury, in the Cuiabá Forum.

The magistrate will ratify the agreements concluded in the pre-procedural procedures. The procedures referring to the cases forwarded by the courts will be returned to the court of origin for approval (art. 8, § 8, of Resolution No. 125/2010-CNJ).

Dani Cunha

Communications Coordination of the Presidency of the TJMT

Source: MT Court of Justice

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