Procon-MG tax agents participate in an improvement course

Procon-MG tax agents participate in an improvement course
Procon-MG tax agents participate in an improvement course

Procon-MG, through the State School of Consumer Defense, in partnership with the Institutional Security Office (GSI), held the Improvement Course for Tax Agents for Consumer Protection between August 30 and September 1: Intelligence and Security, LPG and Health Surveillance. The opening of the work was attended by prosecutors Vanessa Fusco Nogueira Simões (coordinator of GSI) and Glauber Tatagiba (coordinator of Procon-MG).

The course, in addition to the exhibitors, had the participation of 38 inspectors from Procon-MG, representing all regions of Minas Gerais.

During the three days of activities, the inspectors underwent training related to the preparation/planning of the inspection; recognition of the establishment to be inspected; how to behave during the inspection act; unconventional approach and inspection; conflict management; crimes (resistance, disobedience, contempt and active corruption), how to recognize and proceed; retail resale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); retail sales of meat products and even held a conversation circle to exchange experiences.

According to the coordinator of Procon-MG, “this training is continuous, carried out periodically for inspectors and the objective is to update them in relation to the new legislation. It is important to update the attitude of inspectors towards suppliers. This ensures more effectiveness in the work of inspectors, which generates faster action by prosecutors and more effective action on behalf of the consumer”, highlights Glauber.

Balance sheet 1st half of 2022
The activity of Procon-MG is provided for in the Consumer Protection Code (CDC), in the State Constitution, in State Complementary Law No. 61/2001, in PGJ Resolution No. 14/2019, among other rules.

The attributions are broad, highlighting the handling of complaints that involve the interest of the community, a function performed by the prosecutors for Consumer Protection.

In this sense, acts such as abusive and misleading advertising, product tampering, offers of inappropriate products or services, abusive clauses in contracts and unfair or coercive practices that injure consumer rights are fought.

In the first half of 2022 alone, Procon-MG carried out 976 consultations, carried out around 600 inspections (banking institutions, gas stations, butchers, supermarkets, among others), installed 1,216 Notícias de Fato¹, 600 Support Procedures for the End Activity² and six Processes administrative.

Throughout 2021, around 1,800 inspection actions were carried out, with the main suppliers inspected being bank agencies, supermarkets and butchers.

¹Fact News is a preliminary investigation.
² Procedure established for the purpose of collecting information, data, producing documents and meeting the support demands made by the enforcement bodies.

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