Symbolic Fire Race opened the Fatherland Week schedule

Symbolic Fire Race opened the Fatherland Week schedule
Symbolic Fire Race opened the Fatherland Week schedule

The celebrations of the 200 years of Independence of Brazil were remembered on the morning of this Thursday, September 1st, when the Secretary of State for Education, Sports and Culture (Seduc) promoted the opening of the Homeland Week. The event began at the headquarters of the Captaincy of Ports, in Aracaju, with the 85th Corrida do Fogo Simbolico, which had the participation of student athletes from the state public school system, accompanied by the Cavalry of the Military Police of Sergipe. After lighting the torch, the athletes took turns during the race, carrying the torch to the Atheneu Sergipense Excellence Center.

At Atheneu Sergipense, student Hadassa Chrystiane Santana Silva, accompanied by five other athletes, handed the torch to the Secretary of State for Education, Professor Josué Modesto dos Passos Subrinho, who lit the Pyre of Symbolic Fire. Professor Josué Modesto spoke about the importance of the State for the consolidation of democracy in society and highlighted the various advances that education has already achieved at the national level, such as the National Assessment System, the minimum salary for teachers, the school census, among others. .

He also highlighted the importance of Fatherland Week. “Brazil’s independence is being intensely celebrated in our schools, in the cities of the interior, with reflections, with the participation of our bands, with parades. A society that has a strong and universal public school has a favorable environment to build the idea of ​​homeland as a common home. The entire school system is vibrating with this celebration,” he said.

The opening of the event had the participation of Secbanda, which performed the song “Aviação Embarcada”, and the formation of the platoon of students with the 75 flags of Sergipe’s municipalities. The raising of the flags of Brazil, Mercosul, Sergipe, Aracaju and Atheneu Sergipense took place to the sound of the Brazilian National Anthem, performed by the Music Band of the 28th Battalion of Hunters/Batalhão Campo Grande.

The device was attended by the executive superintendent of Seduc, Professor José Ricardo de Santana; captain of frigate Luciano Maciel Rodrigues, from the Captaincy of the Ports of Sergipe; Lieutenant Colonel Leandro César Pimentel Alves, commander of the 28th Battalion of Hunters – Campo Grande Battalion; colonel Alexandre José Alves Silva, general commander of the Sergipe Military Fire Brigade; Captain Fabíola Góes, representing Colonel Marconi Cabral dos Santos, Commander General of the Military Police of Sergipe; Josevanda Franco, president of Undime; Maria José Guimarães, state coordinator of Uncme Sergipe; João Luiz Andrade Dória, president of the State Board of Education; professor Priscila Teixeira Sampaio, chief of staff at the Municipal Education Department of Aracaju, representing secretary Ricardo Nascimento; Renir Damasceno, president of Fenen – Sergipe; in addition to the director, teacher and student at Atheneu Sergipense, Daniel Lemos, Laura Galvão and Isabella Lopes, respectively.

School community celebrates

Students, managers and authorities present at the opening of the Fatherland Week celebrated the celebration of independence. For Daniel Lemos, director of the Atheneu Sergipense Center of Excellence, the date brings a feeling of civic spirit. “The people are looking for a new path for Brazil, the desire to transform. We want students to continue to believe in Brazil, in the nation and in their own history. This is an event featuring public education in Sergipe, showing what is most important for a people, which is its own history,” he declared.

The Education Secretary of Nossa Senhora do Socorro and president of Undime Sergipe, Professor Josevanda Franco, also showed the importance of this date. “We are in a memorable year that celebrates 200 years of our independence. The school has a great responsibility in transmitting to the students these elements of civility, of historical materiality. We need to build a society that understands that our ancestors contributed to this universe of citizenship and democracy that we live in today,” she said.

Student Elisa dos Santos, from Atheneu Sergipense, said that “students must preserve the values ​​of their homeland without being linked to politics, in addition to remembering their own origins”. His colleague Igor Andrade Melo also shares his opinion. “This is the first time that I participate in such an important event, which is the commemoration of our country’s independence,” he declared.


Due to the celebrations of the country’s Bicentennial of Independence, this year 2022, the State Government, through Seduc, will adopt a new format for the actions that will take place in state schools, Public Archives of Sergipe and Interschool Band of the Secretary of State of Education (SecBanda).

The military parade will traditionally take place on September 7, starting at 8 am, on Avenida Barão de Maruim. With the objective of strengthening, expanding and democratizing the commemorative acts, the civic parade will be decentralized and will take place in the neighborhoods and communities of Aracaju. The Government of Sergipe will provide the necessary support for the execution of the celebrations, both for the military parade and for the civic parade in the neighborhoods and for the promotion of pedagogical, historical and cultural actions in the teaching units, in order to value the social identity of the Brazilian people.

To democratize the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Brazil, the teaching units of the state network located in the capital and in the interior will also parade in the neighborhoods, according to individual schedule, throughout the month.

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