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THE More Vaccine Campaign made available a new package of communication pieces that address the importance of polio vaccination, also known as infantile paralysis. With the current scenario of low vaccination coverage in Brazil, the incentive to immunize against polio becomes even more urgent, and the content of the Vacina Mais Campaign intends to add to the communication actions for social and community engagement. The pieces of this new package are mainly aimed at dissemination on social networks, the posts present aspects of the disease, the sequelae, data on the low vaccination coverage and the importance of the vaccine.

The campaign is the result of a partnership between the National Health Council (CNS), the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass), the Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conasems) and the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization. Health (PAHO/WHO). The institutions emphasize the importance of continuous social mobilization and supporting institutions for Brazil to return to the vaccination coverage that led the National Immunization Program (PNI) to international recognition.

How does the campaign work?

To participate in this movement, just access this link and download the cards or carousels (a sequence of cards that must be used together in a single post, facing Instagram) and share on your social networks with The hashtag VaccinaMore .

Campaign contents are verified by a team of technical advisors specialized in public health. The objective is to disseminate important and consistent information about vaccination and diseases that can be prevented through safe and quality immunizations.

Graphics packs are available free in high quality to be downloaded and posted on social networks or to be printed. The new parts are also available in a version with free stripe for logo insertion as support from the secretariat, city hall, government or institution.

In this new “pack”are also included caption suggestions for each post and subtitles ParaCegoVer , from the perspective of making the content more accessible.

Important recommendations: do not share only one of the cards of the pieces in carousel format (sequence of cards that must be used together in a single post, facing Instagram), the cards are thought together so that the information of the post is complete. If you want to send only one card via Whatsapp, for example, choose to download and share the “single card” indicated on the website. We also point out that suggested captions are used or taken into account, they are also part of the post! Don’t forget to tag the hashtag VacinaMais so that the campaign reaches more visibility.

Polio Scenario

Thanks to vaccination, polio was eliminated from the Americas in 1994, making it the first region in the world to achieve this result. But that achievement could be lost if the vaccination coverage rate remains as low as it is today, at 69%, far from the ideal of 95% or more. Currently, Brazil is one of the countries in the Americas with high risk for reintroduction of this disease, due to the low vaccination coverage in the country, which has fallen every year. The good news is that we have a solution to improve this scenario: the vaccinewhich is the only polio prevention measure.

About the Campaign

The CNS, Conass, Conasems and PAHO/WHO came together to promote a broad campaign to encourage vaccination. The launch of “Vaccine More” took place on June 29 and was broadcast live on the CNS YouTube channel.

Taking into account the importance of vaccination, the objective of the campaign is to join efforts to make the population aware of the need to increase vaccination coverage, for this, “Vacina Mais” offers pieces with clear, attractive and accessible information for different audiences about the safety, importance and effectiveness of all vaccines available in the Unified Health System (SUS). The pieces are made available in “theme packages” monthly and can be used freely on social networks, three packages of pieces have already been made available, content on vaccination against Covid-19, HPV and the importance of BCG vaccination are some of the topics already covered campaign and which appear in the pieces made available.

Download the parts here and share!

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