Aparecida (GO) promotes integration of the elderly in social centers

goiânia – The municipality of Aparecida de Goiânia, in the metropolitan region of the capital of Goiás, has offered handicraft workshops aimed at the elderly population residing in the city. The objective of the action is, in addition to teaching the techniques, to promote socialization among the elderly in social groups.

One of these services is the Third Age Ball, which takes place every Wednesday at the Age of Knowledge Living Center, in Jardim Florence, and has 160 elderly participants. Through dance, they are inserted into an environment of fun and health that promotes well-being and improves the aging process.

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Encounters interact in social groupsClaudivino Antunes/Aparecida City Hall

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Aparecida also offers activity workshopsClaudivino Antunes/Aparecida City Hall

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Senior Citizens Ball on WednesdaysClaudivino Antunes/Aparecida City Hall


Dance, once considered a leisure practice, has been gaining ground as a way of promoting and maintaining the quality of life for the elderly group. This helps to ward off risk factors common to this age group while improving interpersonal relationships with an activity that works all parts of the body.

For the elderly, it is important because it strengthens joints, blocks sedentary lifestyle, stimulates blood circulation, improves respiratory capacity and burns calories. For the mind, the practice stimulates social activity, with the feeling of psychological well-being, allowing the exchange of experiences and improvement of self-esteem.


In addition to the dance, City Hall offers other activities for the integration of the elderly focused on the production of handicrafts. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshops had been paralyzed. Now, with the gradual return of normality, they are being resumed with crochet, painting and crafts rooms in general, themed souvenirs among other modalities offered by the secretary.

Services are offered in two senior living centers. The Center for Living Together and Strengthening Links Conviver, in the Vila Brasília sector and the Center for Living Together and Strengthening Links Age of Knowledge, in Jardim Florence. In these spaces, in addition to workshops, conversation circles, lectures on the rights of the elderly, geriatric doctors to attend to the health of the elderly, gymnastics and other services are held.

Check the Centro Conviver weekly schedule

  • Monday: Embroidery class from 2pm
  • Tuesday: Keyboard and guitar lesson from 1pm
  • Wednesday: Fabric painting class: From 2pm
  • Thursday: Coral from 1pm
  • Friday: Gymnastics from 2pm

Enrollment in social groups can be made in person at the nearest Social Assistance and Reference Center (Cras). To participate, the elderly person must register and apply for these services.

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