Industry presents 90 sector proposals for ES candidates

Industry presents 90 sector proposals for ES candidates
Industry presents 90 sector proposals for ES candidates

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The industrial sector, through the Federation of Industries of Espírito Santo (Findes), launched this week the Industry Agenda, a document that brings together proposals for candidates for the state Legislative and Executive Powers who will contest this year’s elections.

The material was collectively constructed and organized by the Industry Observatory, involving all industrial actors present at Findes, through councils, chambers, unions, forums and working groups.

The document presents 90 proposals divided into five themes: infrastructure, financing, taxation, innovation and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance).

According to the president of the Federation, Cris Samorini, the objective is to show diagnoses and historical bottlenecks, as well as to present solutions and potential so that problems that today undermine the good business environment and the competitiveness of companies are overcome.

“We believe that open and transparent dialogue, based on collaboration between the productive sector and the public sector, promotes an environment for assertive decisions, which favor the economic growth of the State and the country. We want to clearly present the interests of the industrial sector so that together we can strengthen the path of economic and social development underway in Espírito Santo”, said Samorini.

The executive manager of the Industry Observatory, Marília Silva, explains that the first part of the Agenda addresses the economic scenario. Next, the document presents its priority agenda, which selects the subjects considered of greatest importance to increase the competitiveness of the State.

According to Marília, the third part of the material lists the themes and the respective proposals, organized in a simple and visual way. Each suggestion provides a brief context. “Finally, a summary table of the Agenda is made available, with all the proposals identified by the theme”, she clarified.

Government candidates receive Agenda during event

The Industry Agenda was delivered to candidates for the State government who participated last Monday (29) in the Dialogue with the Productive Sector event, organized by the Forum of Entities and Federations (FEF), of which Findes is a part.

The other candidates for the Executive and Legislative Espírito Santo will also receive the document. In addition, the complete material is available on the Findes website and can be accessed through the website.

The president of the Federation reinforced that the Industry Agenda is a way for the industrial sector to position itself with the candidates of the 2022 Elections in a technical way and with a structured programmatic agenda.

“We consider it essential that candidates commit to the agendas set out in this Agenda. They will be responsible for directing efforts and developing policies that contribute to attracting more business to the State, to improve Espírito Santo logistics, to reduce bureaucracy in processes, to guarantee more legal certainty, to stimulate innovation, to strengthen education, to generate more opportunities. and jobs. A robust industrial policy is what will take us to a new level of socioeconomic development”, he concluded.

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