Great Place to Work publishes ranking of the best companies in Bahia in 2022 – Business – BN Hall

Great Place to Work publishes ranking of the best companies in Bahia in 2022 – Business – BN Hall
Great Place to Work publishes ranking of the best companies in Bahia in 2022 – Business – BN Hall

Great Place to Work, a global research, consulting and training company, released the results of the 9th edition of the Ranking Melhores Empresas da Bahia 2022.

In the large companies category, the winners were Solar do Imperador Hotel, WDC Networks and BomConsorcio SA. In the medium and small companies category, the winners were Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health, Kordsa, Supergasbras Energia Ltda, Sabin Laboratory, Jacobina Mineração – Yamana Gold, Freire, Gerbasi, Bittencourt e Macêdo Advogados and Veracel Celulose.

The research was carried out in two stages, the quantitative one, when it is necessary for the company to reach the minimum sample of employees and obtain a grade equal to or greater than 70%, and cultural practices, once the conditions of the first stage are met, the company moves to the evaluation phase of practices.

The 9th edition of the ranking had 32 companies registered, representing 17,869 employees. This year, 10 companies were awarded, seven medium and large and three small. The participation criterion requires companies to have at least 30 employees and a CNPJ registered in the State of Bahia.

As for the gender of employees, 59% of companies are women and 41% men. In top leadership positions, 80% are occupied by men and 20% by women, on average women represent 47% of leadership and 53% men and, in other positions, 60% are occupied by women and 40% by men.

Regarding the profile of the presidents of the 10 awarded companies, the average age is in the range of 56 years, the average time of occupation of the position is 7 years and 2 women perform the function.

The study highlights that the average time of existence of companies is 37 years, and 100% allow employees to participate in volunteer programs during working hours and have someone responsible for combating discrimination and promoting diversity.

Other figures worth mentioning are that 100% of companies offer scholarships for undergraduate or graduate studies, 70% have mentoring, 20% have an internal university, 70% offer coaching programs and offer scholarships for language courses, 20% offer to use in the development of their choice and the turnover rate for the year is 1% and 9% of the employees have been promoted.

In the IVR (Innovation Velocity) metric, developed by the GPTW team of scientists and analysts, the crucial level of organizational speed and agility is measured, quantifying the ability of employees to adapt and innovate. The higher the score, the stronger the organization’s ability to adapt and innovate.

The three stages of innovation are: Accelerated, Functional and Attrition, with the highest level of the index being accelerated. Among those awarded, 10% (1 company) has an accelerated stage, 30% (3 companies) a functional stage and 60% (6 companies) an attrition stage.

When asked why they remain among the best in Bahia, 35% of employees answered quality of life, 32% opportunity for growth, 19% alignment of values, 8% compensation and benefits and 3% stability.

In the trust indexes by dimensions, 91% of employees believe in the credibility of leaders to manage people and manage the business in general, 90% in the respect of leaders in the relationship with employees, both in professional and personal matters, 89% in impartiality of the leaders in relation to all employees, 94% are proud to exercise the profession and work in this company and 93% believe in the camaraderie among co-workers and the presence of team feeling.

Among the statements that the employees of the awardees most agreed on are pride in working in the place (97%), impartiality in color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender (98%), the receptivity of the people (97%) and the way of contributing to the community (96%).

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