Paranaense is wanted by Japanese police suspected of murdering wife and daughter

A man from Paraná was added to the wanted list by the Osaka Police, in Japan. Anderson Robson Barbosa, 33, is from Londrina, in the north of the state, and is considered a suspect in the murder of his wife and daughter in the country. He, who was missing, was recorded by security cameras at Narita International Airport.

On the website of the Kuroyama Police Station of Osaka Prefecture, it is said that Anderson would have committed the murders with knife blows. The crime took place in the housing project in the Higashi neighborhood, between August 20 and 21.

The victims were identified as Manami Aramaki and Ririi Aramaki. The child was 3 years old. A family member called the police in the early hours of August 24, denouncing that they could not establish contact with Manami. The two were found dead by rescuers.

Airport footage shows Anderson boarding on the 22nd, the day after the deaths. He remains at large until the close of this article. Check out the security camera video:

Anderson Robson Barbosa, at Narita Airport. (Photo: Reproduction/Osaka Prefecture Kuroyama Police Station)

Anderson is not yet on the International Criminal Police Organization’s (Interpol) wanted list. The Federal Police said that the agency was notified about the case, but that it will not pass on details.

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