One hundred years of radio in Brazil: the challenges of radio journalism

From Reporter Esso to the radios all-news and podcasts, radio journalism has evolved a lot in Brazil and continues to face new changes and challenges.

The digital revolution of the internet has put traditional media in check by the logic of streaming on-demand. These vehicles also lose their original influence because we are no longer totally passive consumers, we also produce a good part of what we consume from our own cameras, microphones and platforms.

Journalism was also shaken by this change, as it became much easier to record, comment and report through the connectivity of digital media.

However, this has also contributed to the rise of fake news and misinformation. Unexpectedly, the journalist has emerged in recent years as more important and necessary than ever, an active subject in the investigation and checking of news in a sea of ​​disinformation.

Radio also adapted to this new context: it joined the phenomenon of podcasts and webradios, adopted transmissions with images on social networks and applications, and increasingly encourages the participation of the listener, which becomes an extension of the journalist’s gaze.

Current radio journalism accepts the challenges it faces, it is no longer the fastest means of news, but it can still bet on the unique characteristics of a channel closer to the public and the different voices involved in the investigation.

In this way, radio journalism continues to maintain its importance and influence as an important democratic platform for dialogue, debate and information.

One hundred years in 100 programs

100 years radio in Brazil

100 years radio in Brazil

100 years radio in Brazil – EBC art

Until the 7th of September, the Radio MEC will produce and broadcast, daily, interprograms with interviews and collection surveys on various historical aspects related to the vehicle.

The idea is to rescue outstanding personalities, programs and broadcasters present in the affective memory of listeners. follow on radio agency.

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