It is false that electronic voting machines had technical problems in 2018 in DF

It is false that electronic voting machines had technical problems in 2018 in DF
It is false that electronic voting machines had technical problems in 2018 in DF

It is false that, in 2018, electronic voting machines used in elections had technical problems. The information was disseminated in a video recorded by two military police officers from the Federal District four years ago. The same content circulated again this year with false information about problems at the polls.

O T or F learned of the return of the video through Twitter. An account with more than 21,000 followers posted the recording on August 5th of last year and it started to receive shares again in August of this year.

In the text, the author of the publication states that the PMs in question checked, in 2018, the ballot boxes that arrived at the polling place and says that they were “loaded with votes and the order was to use them anyway”. Accounts that shared the video this year comment on things like: “Brazil is at risk” and that PMs “were invited to check the polls”

How do we check

The video is already known to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). On the Court’s website, there is a text denying the content.

“Two military police officers from the Federal District recorded a video about an occurrence of alleged technical problems in the electronic voting machine. According to them, the equipment would have votes already recorded in its memory, before receiving votes from voters. The information given by the military police is false and was denied by the Federal Police, which investigated the fact,” the TSE wrote in an official statement.

The Court also clarifies that the two members of the Brasilia military corporation were accompanying a voter taken to the Federal Police who wanted, without evidence, to denounce an alleged problem with the ballot box. While the voter was talking to the federal police, the PMs recorded the video at the door of the building. However, the PF itself reported that, after taking the statement, there was no evidence of fraud.

“The voter just misinterpreted the issuance of the zerézima and the ballot box, standard procedures and necessary for the transparency and fairness of the election”, explains the text. According to the Glossary, zerésima is the document issued in each polling station, before the start of voting. This report attests that there is no vote registered in the electronic ballot box for any of the candidates in the dispute. It is printed right after the ballot box initialization procedure.

O T or F looked for the account owner who reposted the video that was shared again this year. Until the most recent update of this report, there was no response.

Why do we check?

O T or F is a check program metropolises in partnership with Google and the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) that aims to verify publications with the potential to go viral and that are related to the 2022 elections in the Federal District.

Metropolis creates nucleus to combat disinformation in DF elections

To verify the contents, the team consults experts, official sources on the subject, documents and public data. The intention is to find information that confirms or not the information being shared.

When it comes to disinformation and fake news, posts can be, in addition to being true or false, misleading or satire. Satires are not intended to cause harm, but they have great potential to deceive.

Deceptive publications, on the other hand, have content taken from the original context and used in another so that its meaning changes. They also use inaccurate data or data that lead to an interpretation different from the author’s intention. In addition, they confuse, with or without the deliberate intention to cause harm.

Anyone who comes across any dubious content and thinks it needs verification can forward the material to the WhatsApp from Metropolis DF: (61) 9119-8884.

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