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Region will have more than R$ 46 million in investments through Fundopem – Region

Region will have more than R$ 46 million in investments through Fundopem – Region
Region will have more than R$ 46 million in investments through Fundopem – Region

The region had three more company projects approved with incentives from the Fundo Operação Empresa (Fundopem). The resources are used for the installation or expansion of companies in Rio Grande do Sul. Two of them, Madesa and Fibraform, have their headquarters in Bom Principio, in Vale do Caí, and Endutex Brasil, has a factory in Três Coroas and will use the investment in its branch in the city of Sapiranga.

The furniture company’s factory is located in Bom Principe
Photo: Publicity / Madesa

Fibraform, the plastic packaging industry, received the largest resource in the region, almost R$ 41 million, followed by Madesa, focused on the production of furniture, which will use just over R$ 4.5 million, and Endutex, a producer of synthetic products, which had approval of around R$ 1.2 million.

The companies did not detail the investments. Madesa informed that it is working on the planning internally and that it will adjust important details of the projects. The furniture factory highlighted the importance of the state project. “Fundopem is a very important program for the industry, which helps a lot in maintaining investments with significant returns for the State,” he said in a note.

Endutex Brasil stated that it will not use the resource at the moment, and therefore, will not comment on the fund. Fibraform also did not elaborate on the new investments.

In August, Fundopem represented R$ 348.1 million in investments in 11 projects accepted by the program. The biggest investment, of more than R$ 100 million, will be in Caxias do Sul, in Serra Gaucha, with Guerra Implementos Rodoviários. The company should expand production capacity and create around 300 new jobs.

The expectation of the State Secretariat for Economic Development is that by the end of the year, Fundopem will encourage more than R$ 1.5 billion in investments in the State.

Funds ICMS

Fundopem is an instrument of partnership between the State Government and the private sector, aimed at promoting socioeconomic development. The State does not release financial resources for the incentivized enterprise. In the program, support occurs through the partial financing of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), which takes into account guidelines such as the significant generation of jobs and respect for the environment.

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