Iran: an old and well-known customer from Brazil

Volleyball with journalistic knowledge and independence

Luck exists.

Proof of this was the crossing of Brazil in the round of 16 of the world cup.

It could have been better, but I can’t complain.

Iran is not scary, in addition to being an old and well-known customer of Brazilian volleyball.

It’s a selection at best effort with rare technical flashes. It has no tradition and lives with the fair reputation of a yellow team.

H-hour delivery.

It’s always been that way, no matter the championship. Just look for the negative retrospect.

Plays, if that, to the twentieth point and then surrenders.

Falling to Iran would be unacceptable. Another major disaster for the Senate and co.

The pessimists on duty will say that Brazil recently achieved the feat of losing to China, eliminated from the world, in the VNL by 3-0.

Worse than true.

There’s no way to forget.

The fact of having a week of rest and training time until the match could be a factor in favor, but in the case of the national team it does not count, because all that this team does not do is train, see what you (not) see in block.

Anyway, coach Renan Dal Zotto’s speech is on the tip of the tongue.

It will deny favoritism and demand respect by extolling the strength of the opponent.

Pure demagoguery.

Like it or not, the responsibility is 100% with Brazil.

No further.

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