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Secretariat publishes security protocols for Fatherland Week

The Department of Public Security of the Federal District (SSP/DF) detailed how the security scheme will be for the party on September 7 – Independence Day – in the federal capital, scheduled to start at 8 am. The protocol of actions includes interventions in traffic, policing, emergency care and records of occurrences, in addition to listing the types of objects that will be prohibited from circulating in the venues of the party.

According to the secretariat, video cameras will be located in strategic locations in the central area of ​​Brasília to provide real-time images. There will also be monitoring of social networks, which will have the help of intelligence professionals.

“The images and information will be sent to the Integrated Operations Center of Brasília (Ciob), of the SSP/DF, which, in addition to being able to bring together 29 bodies and agencies, will have the participation of representatives of the entities involved who will be able to make adjustments to the prior planning. , from analysis of images and scenarios”, explained the SSP.

Preventive actions are foreseen in all acts planned for the 7th of September, as well as before and after the date. “We have extensive experience in acting in public demonstrations and large events. We will even install a strategic management office to guarantee security and public order, which are necessary for everyone to exercise their right to peacefully demonstrate,” said Public Security Secretary Júlio Danilo.

Closing the Esplanade

The protocol provides for the closure of the Esplanada dos Ministérios “from the east loop of the Plano Piloto Bus Station, to the L4 lane” from the 6th. made when the parade and other foreseen acts are over.

“The forecast for closing the Esplanade for vehicle traffic should occur the day before the civic parade, but depending on the circumstances, this closing may be anticipated”, said the secretary.

According to him, there will be, before the 7th, a specific intervention on the N1 route, which will be partially closed for the training of the parade, on Saturday (3), from 7 am until the conclusion of the rehearsal.

The secretariat adds that district and federal highways will be monitored “daily”, during the period, by local transit agencies and by the Federal and Federal Highway Police. Among the places to be observed are the points of arrival of caravans. Participants arriving at the Esplanade by bus must disembark “exclusively” on the east side of the Plano Piloto Bus Station.

Parking and security

Those who go by car to the parade will have as options the parking lots of Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Palácio do Buriti and the Court of Auditors of the Federal District and Territories.

The installation of a structure called Cidade da Segurança is planned in front of the Museum of the Republic, to help with mobility and support for the security forces and other bodies. A medical service point will also be set up on site and in two others on the Esplanade, close to the Ministry of Social Security and the Cathedral.

An elevated observation platform, with long-range, high-resolution cameras, will be installed on site by the Fire Department “for a better observation of the surroundings”. Policing will be reinforced, including to set up search lines at various access points.

prohibited objects

“It will not be allowed to carry piercing or cutting objects, such as glass, fireworks, flag poles and any other material that could cause injury. Another restriction is the use of drones without authorization in the Esplanada airspace,” said the head of the Operational Department of the Military Police of the DF (PMDF), Colonel Naime.

Access to Praça dos Três Poderes will be restricted from Avenida José Sarney. “The National Congress, ministries of Justice and Public Security and Foreign Affairs, in addition to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and Superior Electoral Court (TSE) will be protected by the police. In addition to the reinforcement of security by the PMDF, public buildings will have their own security”, details the protocol.

street vendors

Ambulates with authorization to work during the event will be placed on the connecting road between the N1 and S1, in front of the Cathedral. They were registered based on a public call made by the Secretary of Cities. It will not be allowed to install street vendors outside the established area.


Popular demonstrations are scheduled to take place from 1 pm. Pro-government protesters will be on the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Those opposed to the government will stay in the parking lot of the TV Tower, next to Praça das Fontes.

Any police incidents will be centralized at the 5th Police Station, responsible for the area. The police unit and the Police Department for Children and Adolescents (DCA) will also provide assistance teams.

The article is in Portuguese

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