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Marcílio França Castro is the author, among others, of the short story collection ‘Natural Stories’ Photo: Disclosure | Personal archive

On the morning of this Friday, September 2, at 11:15 am, Marcílio França Castro, a writer from Minas Gerais, will be at the Faculty of Law for a chat about the relationship between the legal and literary fields. His presence is the result of an invitation made by Mônica Sette Lopes, deputy director of the school and professor at the Department of Labor Law and Introduction to the Study of Law.

Held as part of the celebrations for the 95th anniversary of UFMG and open to the public, the writer’s meeting with the unit’s community – called Conversation about literature between grammar and law – will take place in the Alice Monteiro de Barros auditorium. The UFMG Law School is located at Avenida João Pinheiro, nº 100, in the Centro district of Belo Horizonte.

‘Narrow limits’
“The topic of conversation has to do with the place of literature in coexistence with the territories of law and grammar, a coexistence that can be friendly, can be contradictory, and sometimes becomes bellicose”, introduces the writer, author of natural stories (Companhia das Letras, 2016), an acclaimed collection of short stories.

Marcílio details what was the inspiration for the chat theme. “There is, in the title given to the meeting, some inspiration in a well-known comment made by Graciliano Ramos at the beginning of Memories of Prison, in which the narrator states that ‘within the narrow limits to which grammar and law coerce us, we can still move’. Even out of context, the phrase echoes the precious image of a clash, which somehow marks my literary path”, he explains.

The writer’s last book was published in 2016 by Companhia das Letras Image: Cover reproduction

Marcílio graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts at UFMG, where he became a master in Theory of Literature. “And I have a work of fiction and a writing career in the public service. It is about this border field, and some questions that are posed from it, that I intend to speak”, he says.

about the writer
Born in 1967, Marcílio França Castro is today, in addition to being a writer, an employee of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais, where he organized, in 2006, the volume Fictions from Brazil: conferences on literature and national identitywhich brings together the texts of the conferences presented at the seminar “Literature and society: national culture and identity in Brazilian fiction”, held in 2004 by the Escola do Legislativo.

After publishing his debut literary book, the house of others (Editora 7 Letras, 2009), received a grant for literary creation from the Fundação Nacional de Artes (Funarte) to write her second collection of short stories, Brief cartography of places of no interest (Editora 7 Letras, 2011), which won, in 2012, the Clarice Lispector Award, from the National Library Foundation.

In addition to natural storieshis tale can still be read The Secret History of the Mongols (Companhia das Letras, 2019) and the texts that the writer publishes monthly in his column on his publisher’s blog.

The article is in Portuguese

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