Mega-Sena: ES bettors hit the corner and earn almost R$ 40 thousand

Mega-Sena: ES bettors hit the corner and earn almost R$ 40 thousand
Mega-Sena: ES bettors hit the corner and earn almost R$ 40 thousand

Photo: Publicity / Caixa Lotteries

Nobody took the prize of R$ 42 million in the Mega-Sena contest 2,515, drawn on Wednesday night (31), in São Paulo. However, 97 bets matched the five numbers and each won the amount of R$38,822.29.

Two of the gamblers who were one number away from winning the millionaire prize are from Espírito Santo. One of the bets was made at a lottery in Jardim Camburi, in Vitória. The other was made in Cristóvão Colombo, in the municipality of Vila Velha.

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In addition to the corner, another 6,861 players matched four numbers and earned R$784.09 each. With no winners, the prize must accumulate again.

Independence Lotofácil

Lotofácil da Independência bets continue to be placed, on specific steering wheels, at Caixa-accredited lottery outlets throughout the country or on the internet.

The draw for Lotofácil’s special contest nº 2.610 will be held on September 10th. The estimated prize is R$ 180 million.

If only one player wins the R$180 million prize and invests the entire amount in savings, he will receive more than R$1.3 million in income in the first month.

As in other Caixa Loterias special contests, the main prize does not accumulate. If there are no winning bets with 15 numbers, the prize will be prorated among the winners of 14 numbers and so on.

The single bet costs BRL 2.50 and the player can choose from 15 to 20 numbers among the 25 available on the wheel.

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