hotspots grow more than 300% in a month

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The records of hotspots in Mato Grosso increased 301.24% within one month. In July, Aqua Tarde, a reference satellite of the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), identified 1,919 occurrences. In August, the number jumped to 7,699.

The growing wave of hotspots occurs, among other areas, near the MT-351 highway, in the Cerrado biome, between the capital cuiabá and Chapada dos Guimarães. In the region, there is at least one active fire since the 23rd (that is, nine days ago). In a note sent to Rural Channelthe Fire Department and the Civil Defense confirm the focus and point out that on the morning of this Thursday (1st) there are 83 civil servants working in the region, including military firefighters, brigadistas and members of the Civil Defense.

“Combat actions are intensified, with the support of two Civil Defense aircraft” — Mato Grosso Fire Department

The local Fire Department also warns that the fire near the Manso Hydroelectric Power Plant is under control. However, in the south direction (towards Cuiabá) of the MT-351, the work to control the fire is still active. “Combat actions are intensified, with the support of two Civil Defense aircraft,” says the corporation.

A climate issue

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In addition to exceeding the number of hotspots by more than 300% compared to July, August this year also exceeds the same period in 2021 in records. In August last year, the Inpe reference satellite pointed to 6,617 occurrences of the type throughout the Mato Grosso area. Ie: growth of 16.35% from one year to the next.

General manager of the Aliança da Terra project, Caroline Nóbrega explains that, due to the weather conditions, the period July-August-September is “critical of drought” in the region, with high temperatures and lack of rain. “There are places that have more than 60 days, sometimes 90 days, when it doesn’t rain. And the longer without rain, the greater the risk for fire to start,” she explains. “High temperatures, no rain and very strong winds. A very dangerous mixture for ignition, the beginning of fires”, continues, in this sense, the specialist.

What are hotspots in Mato Grosso?

hot spots - cbm-ms

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“Spots of heat” is the definition given by the technical team of the inpe. According to the Civil defense Mato Grosso, a record of this type almost always represents the emergence of forest fires — since a heat source is classified this way when the satellite sensors find it. temperatures above 47 degrees Celsius.

“Over the years, Inpe has advanced in the audit of detections of hotspots in order to avoid false detections, in this way, it is unlikely that a heat source detected is not a fire or burning”, informs the Civil Defense of MT. “A fire or an occurrence can generate one or several sources of heat, depending on the extension of the line of fire”, details the agency.

The problem is not new, points out the Alliance Brigade

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A group formed in 2009 with the aim of fighting forest fires, especially close to agricultural production areas, Brigada Aliança scores, in its site official, that the increase in hotspots is not new. For the initiative, which nevertheless has four “agri-brigades” in Mato Grosso, it is necessary to present alternatives to combat this problem.

“It is undeniable that we are experiencing a crisis in the fight against fires in the country – in addition to the decrease in rains and the increase in heat sources, public resources dedicated to combat and prevention have become even more scarce. Therefore, Brigada Aliança has brought an alternative to producers and communities engaged in reducing vulnerabilities and financial losses: the private brigades”.

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