“I want to stay in Brazil until after I’m a resident”, says Wizer

as to depend on Wizertop korean laner paiN Gamingthe Traditionals will have a long dynasty in a crucial position for the team in League of Legends. paiN, which faces the LOUD at the end of the second stage of the CBLOL 2022 this Saturday (3) at Ginásio do Ibirapuera, he participated in four of the last five finals of the championship.

Wizer, who is now one of the favorites of paiN’s huge fans, is one of the highlights. With one pool vast number of Champions, a lot of skill and getting closer to Brazilians, the Korean already imagines himself being a resident of the country in the near future, which would be an asset for paiN: if a player plays in eight of the last twelve splits in the league, he can apply for residency in the region and no longer counts as importthat is, a player coming from another region (each team has a limit of two places in the starting lineup for Brazilians or residents).

I really like CBLOL and Brazil, my expectation is to stay here until after becoming a resident – Wizer

If he stays in Brazil until after the First Stage of 2024, about a year and a half from now, Wizer could apply for residency. The player played for the first time in Brazil in the Second Stage of 2019 for KaBuM eSports, returned to South Korea and returned to Brazil again in 2021, when he played both stages also for KaBuM before arriving at paiN Gaming at the beginning of 2022

Image: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Adaptation to Brazil: taste for the country, relationships and friendships

The Brazilian fans insist on embracing the players imported to the region, in addition to the Brazilian teammates also leaving the doors open. Wizer already felt well connected to the country’s culture after playing some stages, but his relationship has also helped him, as he told in an exclusive interview with The Enemy before the final.

“Dating a Brazilian, Duda, helped me create an important connection with the country”, said the Korean. “She teaches me many things about Brazil, and takes me to different places. When I’m with her, I don’t think about the game at all, I just enjoy the moment and distract my head.”

For Wizer, the separation of personal and professional life is important for the health of players. “You (NR: Butcher, the journalist who interviewed Wizer) tells me that some people tend to say that players get worse when they start dating, but I think it depends on the player. I separate my personal life from my work very well. I see my girlfriend two or three times a month, and the rest I focus on training and playing. She understands that it’s part of my profession, so we get along great and I can focus on everything at the same time, on our relationship when I’m off and on the game when I’m working.”

Several other Korean players also play CBLOL. In this last stage there were ten, apart from paiN coach Xero, but according to Wizer, there is not much contact between fellow countrymen outside the CBLOL studios. “We don’t have any WhatsApp groups or anything like that (laughs). I don’t make a point of being together just because I’m from the same country, I have my friends here at paiN Gaming”, he comments.

And when it comes to rivalries, Wizer also leaves the country of birth of the players off the balance. “My main focus is the top laners, regardless of nationality, so you can mention Parang, but also fNb, Robo, Guigo, etc.”

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Expectations for the final

We have two certainties about the CBLOL 2022 final:

  1. It will be a hotly contested series between paiN and LOUD
  2. The more than ten thousand fans will make a LOT of noise

But the volume of the crowd won’t bother paiN Gaming’s top laner. Wizer insists that he will not feel the pressure of the audience, regardless of the situation within the series.

Image: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

“I can imagine the noise that will be in the final, but besides being fun, I don’t think it will impact me much in the game, I can block and focus only on the match”, he says confidently, before taking a short step back. “Of course, you never know at the end of the day, it’s the first final of this size that I’m going to play, so I need to understand right away how I’m going to feel, but I don’t expect many changes in terms of not feeling pressure from the crowd.”

PaiN Gaming and LOUD face each other this Saturday (3) from 1 pm at the Ibirapuera Gym, broadcast on Riot Games Brasil’s official channels. At stake is the title, BRL 100,000 for the winner and the long-awaited Brazilian spot in the League of Legends World Championship, which takes place in October in Mexico and the United States.

For Wizer, the final will be similar to the game between the two teams in the final of the upper bracket of the playoffs: “Their focus is on the top part of the map, so I’m preparing a lot for the final, but I don’t expect many surprises. great series and I’m really looking forward to showing our full potential”.

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