Regional Council of Physical Education of the 12th Region/Pernambuco promotes Physical Education Professional Week in September

On the 1st of September, the Education Professional’s Day all over the country. A date aimed at the appreciation and understanding of the various modalities that encompass this profession.

In Recife, Municipal Law 18.681/2019, authored by councilor Rinaldo Junior, and enacted in 2020, establishes, in the official calendar of events in the municipality of Recife, the MUNICIPAL WEEK OF THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL, in the first week of September. In Pernambuco, State Law 16609/2019 establishes, in the first week of September, the State Week of the Physical Education Professional across the state.

In Recife, Municipal Law 18.681/2019 establishes the MUNICIPAL WEEK OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS in the first week of September – DISCLOSURE

Prof. Lúcio Beltrão, president of the Regional Council of Physical Education of the 12th Region/Pernambuco (CREF12/PE)takes advantage of the Physical Education Professional Week to demand more recognition and appreciation for the category.

Beltrão defends that Physical Education classes in Early Childhood Education, Elementary School (initial and final years) and High School, in public and private schools, be taught solely and exclusively by Physical Education Professionals, licensed in higher education, registered in the CREF. The president also defends daily classes (Monday to Friday) of Physical Education for all students from Basic Education (from kindergarten to high school).

“It is essential to improve the working conditions of the Physical Education Professional. We want indoor courts in every school; dance, gym and wrestling room; support for social projects, purchase and replacement of essential teaching materials for the work of the Physical Education Professional. Our profession is essential in the public policies of education, health, sports, public security, resocialization, tourism, leisure, social assistance, youth, among other transversal areas where Physical Education makes a difference”, emphasizes Lúcio Beltrão.

President of CREF-PE defends that Physical Education classes in public and private schools are taught solely and exclusively by Physical Education Professionals licensed at a higher level and registered with CREF – DISCLOSURE

O CREF12/PE demands the insertion of the Physical Education Professional, preferably via public tender, in the SUS (Unified Health System) in places such as NASF (Family Health Support Center), CAPS (Psychosocial Care Center), UBS (Basic Health Unit) ) and hospitals.

Check out the schedule during Physical Education Professional Week:

SIMPOCREF: CREF12/PE will promote, in the amphitheater of the Center for Social and Applied Sciences (CCSA) of the Federal University of Pernambuco, free lectures and the participation of Physical Education Professionals specialists on relevant topics in the area of ​​Physical Education, between 01 and 03 of September. Registrations are made by Sympla of CREF12/PE.

I CREF12/PE BEACH VOLLEYBALL CIRCUIT: on September 3 at Sesc de Piedade. Applications can be made by email: [email protected] until the 1st of September. Physical Education Professionals enrolled in the Council and Physical Education students duly enrolled in an educational institution can participate.

CREF-PE campaign wants to light up the buildings and public and private places with GREEN during the month of September – DISCLOSURE


The celebration of this date goes far beyond honoring a category of professionals, but an opportunity to remind society about the importance of regular practice of physical exercises with Physical Education Professionals qualified by CREF12/PE and the work of these professionals for the quality of life and public health.

For this reason, CREF12/PE proposed that city halls participate with other institutions in the country in the campaign to light GREEN public and/or private buildings and places (squares, parks, theater, cinema, City Council, City Hall, etc.) the month of September. The GREEN color that represents the professions in the Health area such as Physical Education Professionals who are directly related to the promotion of health and increase in the population’s quality of life.

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