Shame and crying: The frustration of those who celebrated false approval at Uneb

Shame and crying: The frustration of those who celebrated false approval at Uneb
Shame and crying: The frustration of those who celebrated false approval at Uneb

“There are no words to describe such happiness. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and never let me discredit this dream”, wrote Bianca Carvalho, on Facebook, shortly after seeing her name on the list of approved candidates in Law at the Universidade do Estado da Bahia (Uneb). The 18-year-old’s happiness was interrupted on Tuesday (30), late at night, when the institution, without prior notice, published a new list of approved.

Shortly after Uneb released the first list of selected candidates for the 860 vacancies made available on Monday (29), university students began to report errors in placements, as reported by the CORREIO. After comparing their results with their peers, they found that people who scored lower ranked higher in the final result, while those who got more questions right on the test ranked lower.

Most of the prints and complaints present on social media were published by students who did not pass the Medicine course. That’s why Bianca Carvalho got a fright when he saw that she had plummeted from 10th to 32nd place in the new Law list. Uneb has made 30 places available for the course in Itaberaba, chosen by the young woman who lives in Jacobina. With the new placement, Bianca is out.

As she initially believed that she had passed the entrance exam, she ended up canceling the enrollment in the law course she was taking at a private college in Jacobina and now she fears not being able to pass the public university. She is hopeful that a second call will be published soon, but there is still no timeline for that to happen.

“When I went to look for my name on the new list and couldn’t find it, I despaired and cried a lot. I couldn’t sleep well and I kept going over all that in my head. Uneb did not even communicate that an error had occurred, they just changed it without warning”, she says.

In a note published this Wednesday afternoon (31), hours after the new list was released, the University’s Rectory explained that there was an error in the application of the mathematical formula used to process the final result and the classification of candidates. Uneb informed that it is investigating internally who or which sector would be responsible for the error and regretted the inconvenience caused.

Students told the report that some of them, who felt aggrieved, went to court because of problems with publicizing the entrance exam. Sought, the state Public Ministry (MP-BA) said that it received representation of complaints about irregularities and that the Center for the Defense of Education will forward them to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

first place fake
Jessica (not her real name), 19 years old, lives in south-central Bahia. Every day, in the late afternoons, the young woman travels by bus to the city of Guanambi, where she takes classes at a cram school. The trip lasts about 1h30 and she gets home every day around 1:00 in the morning. All this effort is for one goal: to become the first doctor in the family.

When the results of the Uneb entrance exams came out earlier this week, Jessica didn’t even bother to look at it. It’s her first year of prep school and, as the competition for Medicine in the capital is huge, she imagined she wouldn’t pass. She got a fright when she saw that she was in 1st place.

“It was a huge embarrassment because everyone came to congratulate me and I didn’t know what to say. This caused me a lot of anxiety crisis and crying. I spent the whole night crying,” she laments. When the actual result was published, Jessica discovered that she actually ranks lower than 2,000th.

positive surprise
While the new approved list disappointed many, other candidates celebrated the new ranking and approval. Mariana Andrade, 19 years old, jumped from the 3,344th position to the 8th place in the wide competition modality and is one of the 16 people approved to study Medicine in the capital.

“It was very distressing to see that I was in such a distant position because I believed I had done well. […] Now I’m so excited, I can’t even describe it. To tell the truth, I still haven’t realized what I went through”, celebrates the young woman, who lives in Santo Antônio de Jesus and will move to Salvador soon.

Mariana is excited to start studying Medicine at Uneb in Salvador (Photo: Personal collection)

MP asks for suspension of competition for Uneb teachers

It’s not just the entrance exam that brought problems to the State University of Bahia (Uneb). The State Public Ministry (MP-BA) filed a public civil action against the university asking the Court to suspend the appointment or tenure of those approved in the public tender for professors. According to the MP, irregularities were detected in the process.

In public notice number 034/2022, 134 vacancies were offered for A-level assistant professors, in various areas of knowledge and on all 24 campuses of the institution. The contract is expected to last two years and the salary offered is R$ 3,793.28 for a 40-hour week.

The report asked the Public Ministry for the full text of the public civil action to understand what irregularities were found, but the agency did not make the document available. The State University of Bahia was contacted, but did not comment on the suspension request.

*Orientation by Monique Lobo.

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