Corecon considers positive balance of more than 14 thousand new jobs in the first semester in Amazonas

Rafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

The president of the Regional Council of Economy (Corecon-AM) positively evaluates the opening of 14,927 new jobs in the first semester in Amazonas. With this number, Amazonas is considered the third largest among Brazilian states and highlights micro and small enterprises (MSEs) as the main economic engine of the state, responsible for 81% of the balance of new jobs in the first six months of the year.

The data are from the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), based on the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), of the Ministry of Economy. In Brazil, MSEs were responsible for 961,877 (72.1%) new hires in the first half of the year.

“Although we did not have large industries set up during the first half of the year, micro and small companies have been standing out. And there we have a new perspective within the economy where we are breaking our dependence on the industrial model of being the only generator of jobs”, he evaluates.

While the country suffered a drop of 8% in the period, Amazonas saw an increase of 31% in the balance of small businesses. The number is directly related to the impact of the second wave of Covid-19 cases in early 2021, which clearly interfered with the opening of new businesses and the closing of companies.

According to Marcus Evangelista, in this new moment for the economy, state and municipal governments need to support micro and small companies. “Institutional, government and municipal support is needed to facilitate the opening of companies. Another important point here is that companies need access to credit, because it is only through credit that they will be able to grow and consequently hire more people. This is important for the economy of any state and especially the economy of the state of Amazonas, where we had many people unemployed during the pandemic period”, he considers, adding that “it is necessary to encourage companies to become perennial and consequently come to grow generating new jobs”.

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