‘Fit’ world and post-pandemic increase the search for physical education professionals in MS

‘Fit’ world and post-pandemic increase the search for physical education professionals in MS
‘Fit’ world and post-pandemic increase the search for physical education professionals in MS

After almost two years of quarantine and outbreaks of Covid-19 cases, physical education professionals reap the reflection of sedentary lifestyle this year. The search for the ‘fit world’ and better quality of life increases the demand for those registered at CREF11 (Regional Council of Physical Education of the 11th Region – Mato Grosso do Sul). The category celebrates, this Thursday (1st), the Day of the Physical Education Professional.

The market should also be even more competitive, since the Council’s expectation is for another 14% of new accredited graduates, considering that the average number of activated registrations is 63 per month. Last year, 850 professionals became official at CREF111, while 2022 already add up to 661 in the category bank between January and August. The chairman of the Board, Eliana de Mattos Carvalho, believes that 976 new professionals will be registered by the end of the year.

“Compared to 2021, this year should have an increase of 100 professionals. The post-pandemic period showed that professionals needed to invest in more knowledge to meet the demand of people who returned to attend the academy, to enable more study and specialized courses. that serve the population, such as gyms and students, also invested in renovations of environments to captivate the public”, he points out.

Altogether, the State has 8,996 active professionals formalized in the Council, 4,496 of which in Campo Grande and 4,500 in other municipalities. The number is low for the 2.62 million residents, according to the 2020 IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) Census. Even so, the professor guarantees that, during the quarantine period, body movements have reduced. Now, people are literally ‘running’ to improve their fitness.

“Exercise can benefit weight, cardiorespiratory conditioning, especially in the return of the restrictions of Covid, a disease that affects the cardiopulmonary system. Exercise improves mood, the hormonal issue. All these points, when guided by registered physical education professionals, enable a safer and more effective practice”.

From January to July this year, CREF11 received 86 complaints, the average is 12 complaints per month. The main irregularities are the illegal exercise of the profession, establishments without registration and without a professional to provide care.

Full gym in Campo Grande (Photo: Karina Campos)

Competitive market for professionals

As the search and number of trained professionals grow, the job market becomes increasingly complex. To attract customers, the category bets on ‘bombing’ on social networks, digital marketing dictates as ‘selling the fish’ online. As is the case of personal trainer Leonardo Bacchi, who has been working in the area for seven years.

“In the beginning it was difficult, like any other profession, I started as an instructor and after a while I managed to conquer my first personal student, the competition is always very strong. One of the challenges is also the fact that personal trainer is an autonomous profession, where I can have 20 students one month and 10 the next, which makes our salary uncertain”.

In other words, to continue with the same number of students, it focuses on posting health content, knowledge of the niche and the evolution in the result of each client. “Referral is also a good method of attracting, many students come through referrals from former and current students. .

In addition to the saturated market, Gabrielle Jordão says that she constantly has to deal with machismo in the area. Graduated five years ago, she criticizes the lack of credibility of some students, because, in a market where most are men, when she started, she was directed to those who were starting or the elderly, beginners with lighter training.

“Campo Grande has excellent professional women, but in the minds of some and most [ter homens na área formados], do not listen. Despite having a lot of demand and the appreciation of the people who seek it, it lacks a little qualification. People never worried, it was the basics of training that gave to earn an income. What has changed today is a differential to add knowledge”, she said.

Since professionals invest in portfolios and social networks, Gabrielle points out that many should not be ‘jealous’ and become more competitive because the high search makes each student identify with a teacher. “The profession has many challenges, we are gathering experiences, at first staying at the counter. The working posture and the way they treat the students are consistent and make their card a ‘showcase’. Students often pass it on.”

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