PT-DF candidate for the Senate, Rosilene promises to “strengthen state-owned companies”

PT-DF candidate for the Senate, Rosilene promises to “strengthen state-owned companies”
PT-DF candidate for the Senate, Rosilene promises to “strengthen state-owned companies”

The candidate for the Senate for the PT-PCdoB-PV federation of the Federal District, Rosilene Corrêa, spoke about the candidacy and defended projects during a hearing held by the metropolises this Wednesday (31/8). For 15 minutes, she spoke to journalists Larissa Alvarenga and Isadora Teixeira about her decision to run for a seat in the National Congress and pinned the contestants.

Rosilene had intended to join the GDF, but ended up running as a candidate for the Senate. She claimed to have been relocated within the federation. “We had a discussion in the party and in the federation itself, but due to the need for a national agreement around the name of President Lula (PT). I was reassigned, but today I understand the importance of being a candidate for the Senate,” she said.

The candidate believes that the PT is able to win again at the polls in the DF — the last time a party governor was elected in the federal capital was in 2014. “Polls show a preference for Lula (PT) and of course this will impact all PT candidacies. We have already ruled twice and we have something to show for it,” she declared.

“We had more than 34,000 new servants appointed during the Agnelo administration and it was the last time that public servants had readjustments”, he quoted.

Regarding reforms adopted by the current government, Rosilene says that the articles will be reviewed if Lula is elected. “Without a doubt, we need to review and Lula has already committed himself to this, which is to review everything that is setback and attack on the working class. Our commitment is to bring progress”.

The candidate reinforced that the current management of the country is a consequence of the joining of members of the Executive and the Legislative. “President does nothing alone. He [Jair Bolsonaro] it is doing all this because it has senators who have no commitment to the population; deputies who have no commitment to the working class,” she added.

Asked about the price of fuel, Rosilene stated her intention to invest in state-owned companies. “We need to reinvest in our abandoned refineries. We need to strengthen our state-owned companies”.


During the sabbath, Rosilene used the time of closing remarks to snipe contestants Flávia Arruda (PL) and Damares Alves (Republicans).

“I ask that each voter and voter be judicious. Look for the history of each candidate and candidate. In my case, I am a working woman, who is not a former minister of the current president of the Republic who supports this policy of hunger, femicide, and the secret budget. I’m not a former minister who didn’t execute 70% of the women’s ministry budget in the middle of the pandemic.”

“I want to generate employment, have a protection network for women, that children are in school, with quality education and a country without violence”, added Rosilene.

Upcoming interviews

O metropolises began the hearings of candidates for the Senate this Wednesday (31/8). The interviews will be broadcast live on the metropolises on YouTube, during the 2nd edition of Boletim Metrópoles, which starts at 5 pm.

This Thursday (9/1), it will be the turn of Joe Valle (PDT) to go through the sabbath. The candidate for the Senate of the Republicans, Damares Alves, will be questioned on Friday (2/9). On Monday (5/9), the representative of the coalition Unidos pelo DF (MDB, PP, PL, Pros, Agir, Solidariedade and Avante), Flávia Arruda (PL), will be interviewing the portal.

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