Jenilson bets on building smart cities to reduce crimes on the Acre border –

State deputy and candidate for the Senate for the PSB, Jenilson Leite, participated in the ac24hours held on the night of this Wednesday, 31. At 44 years old, the infectious disease doctor is married, father and grandfather. Born in a rubber plantation on the banks of the Muru River, he has been a member of parliament for eight years and has been among the most active for four consecutive years.

For him, the Senate is the door to good representation. “I was born on the banks of these rivers and I have known the reality of the people of Acre. I understand the complexity we experience when it comes to growth and development. I want to help develop Acre”.

Leite believes that with the Senate in his hands, he will be better able to help the state solve problems. “Responsible and committed, I try to donate to help the population collectively, as I did during the pandemic. Not only that, but to present solutions”.

He sees the national scenario as a privileged place for those who really want to work. “My main agenda is health and I will never abandon it. But we have ideas for education, after all, I am a product of education. Thanks to the school door, I got to where I am today.”

Health and Education – “The only way to solve the problems of the emergency room is by putting more professionals in there”

The candidate states that it is necessary to invest even more in the Unified Health System (SUS) to improve the indicators of primary care. “By working on prevention and health promotion, we have reduced the number of patients in health units, diseases, infant mortality”.

Regarding the overcrowding in the emergency room in Rio Branco, Jenilson believes that it is necessary to divide spaces, separate patients and leave the emergency sector to solve only emergency problems. “You can only do that by putting more professionals in there. The point is to put more resources in there, put more staff to be able to manage patients and make this improvement”.

Infrastructure and job creation – “The environmental issue can never be neglected, but I will not go for radicalism”

Asked about the state’s employment situation, Leite said that livestock farming is already well established in Acre, however, its representation is small when it comes to job creation. “It is a primary sector that only represents 8% of the economy. The industry is practically at a standstill, we are behind in schools that do not have internet for students, and this prevents them from accessing the digital worlds market”.

The candidate points out that there is a mismatch when talking about rural production. “There is a need to expand production capacity. The environmental issue can never be neglected, but I will not go to the radicalism of having to tear down everything or keep everything standing”. Leite believes that it is necessary to respect the environment, but reorganize the productive bases. “There is still a delay in agriculture regarding the use of machines. Family farming is still manual. We have to deliver machinery for family farming”.

Public security – “We always run into human resources problems. Neither the federal nor the state government will enter into an understanding for this”

Asked about the border situation in the state of Acre, the PSB representative says that this is a problem he has been discussing for a long time. “I have already proposed a public hearing in Assis Brasil, but we always run into human resources. Neither the federal nor the state government will enter into an understanding to hire sufficient human resources to protect such an extensive border”.

Jenilson thinks that using new technologies, such as the concept of smart cities, with the installation of cameras with license plate and facial readings, can reduce car theft, for example. “It needs a permanent system using new technologies to have greater control of stolen vehicles.”

Regarding femicide, he claimed that it is a problem with many variables. “It is not solved just by building laws to arrest. We must improve the economic situation of women so that they create independence. We have to expand our productive base that generates employment and income to insert these women more into the work sector and thus have their autonomy”.

Internet user question

Caubi Mesquita, from Acre, a resident of the São Francisco neighborhood, in Rio Branco, wanted to know about proposals for basic sanitation. Jenilson stated that this is also a responsible public health problem. “We still have a small coverage of sewage treatment, it is very difficult to put water in the tap in Acre. The state needs to take this as a priority and automatically reduce public health spending, improving people’s quality of life.”

free themes

The secret budget was discussed during the free themes round. Jenilson assures that this is a topic that needs to be changed. “We need to remove the National Congress from the scenario so that transparency channels appear. Everything public money needs to be transparent.”

About the disagreement with the then companion Jorge Viana, he says that it was an annoying situation when he had his proposal to run for the government barred. “In Jorge’s first election, I was coordinating his campaign, supporting him, and the first opportunity he had to help me [em seu projeto de governo]preferred to go out with a pure plate, but I won’t be sorry about that”.

Finally, Jenilson highlighted that politics is very broad, and always does its part, which is what the population expects politicians to do. “We have to focus on the things that the population really needs. I have an active mandate to serve the population, helping with the most important problems. I’ve always tried to dedicate myself and I’m willing to spend 8 years in the Senate discussing roads, energy, internet, new investments, modernization of schools. If elected senator, my commitment is to work for the population in a committed way, as I have done as a doctor and state deputy”.

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