MT is the first state to achieve 100% evaluation in the National Public Transparency Program


Mato Grosso is the first state in the country to achieve 100% assessment of all management units within the scope of the National Public Transparency Program organized by the Association of Members of the Audit Courts of Brazil (Atricon). The result in Mato Grosso is the result of the articulation of the Court of Auditors of Mato Grosso (TCE-MT) with the internal controllers.

Appointed national coordinator of the program by Atricon and ombudsman-general of the TCE-MT, counselor Antonio Joaquim explains that, through the answers, the level of active transparency of the portals of the Powers and bodies supervised by the Brazilian courts of accounts will be evaluated, including the websites maintained by the external control institutions themselves. In this context, he highlighted the Ordinance TCE/MT 124/22, instituted by the president of the TCE-MT, counselor José Carlos Novelli, who appointed the technical team and the rapporteur of the survey in the State.

In addition, he drew attention to the importance of the partnership established with the internal controllers, fundamental for the result. “We have already received the 288 expected reviews in Mato Grosso. In this first cycle, the internal controllers of city halls, secretariats, chambers and other supervised bodies were encouraged to carry out a self-assessment”, says the counselor.

The examination of the websites of Brazilian public bodies will essentially be based on the criteria established by Atricon in Resolution No. 09/2018. “Through this, we will evaluate and recommend the implementation of measures to increase public transparency in all public units in Brazil, ultimately contributing to the exercise of citizenship.”, he highlighted.

It is worth noting that the program, which is also supported by the Rui Barbosa Institute (IRB), has as one of its main objectives the prevention of corruption and the strengthening of democratic participation in the country.
In addition to the Survey, the action plan foresees the institutionalization of the National Public Transparency Month and the development of the National Public Transparency Radar. This System, already used by the Court of Auditors of Mato Grosso, is taken as an example for other institutions.


After the analysis of the technicians of the Courts of Accounts, each portal will be classified according to the percentage of criteria met. Thus, sites that meet 75% of the criteria will receive a seal of transparency (Diamond, Gold or Silver).

Level: Service

Diamond: 100% of essential criteria and transparency level between 95% and 100%.

Gold: 100% of essential criteria and transparency level between 85% and 94%.

Silver: 100% of essential criteria and transparency level between 75% and 84%.

Intermediary: Transparency level between 50% and 74%.

Basic: Transparency level between 30% and 50%. Initial: Transparency level below 30%.

Nonexistent: 0% transparency level.

Public Transparency Radar

After the analysis is completed, the data collected will constitute the National Public Transparency Radar. On the website, it will be possible to consult the situation of each inspected institution according to the criteria met and follow the evolution of actions to promote active transparency by the institutions.

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