Change in cut grade eliminates 100 approved in the CBMDF contest

Change in cut grade eliminates 100 approved in the CBMDF contest
Change in cut grade eliminates 100 approved in the CBMDF contest

The change in the cut-off mark within the same contest for the training of new military firefighters in the DF became a reason for controversy and even the target of a Legislative Decree Project (PDL) in the District Chamber (CLDF). About 100 students of the class that failed after the change considered illegal, students articulate a way to correct what they call “lack of isonomy” in the process.

The problem focuses on the so-called Second Season Verification (VSE), which is a new assessment step for candidates who do not achieve a score of 7 in the Current Verification (VC).

In the first groups formed by the Military Fire Brigade of the DF (CBMDF), those who needed to take the VSE and scored up to 5 would be considered suitable. This rule, introduced in 2018, ended up changing from last year.

According to Normative Instruction (IN) No. 2 of 2021, the minimum grade for a student to pass the second test became 6. In December, a new IN increased the cut again to 7.

The first class to be reached by the standard passed the tests in this second semester. Of the more than 300 candidates, about 100 were eliminated because of this change.

Another point that even more attracted the attention of aspiring military firefighters was the person responsible for authorizing the change.

As they argue, Decree No. 42,165, of June 8, 2021, delegates to the General Commander of the CBMDF the competence to edit the Regulation of Common Precepts to educational establishments, and the regulations. The edited INs, however, were signed by the head of the Department of Teaching, Research, Science and Technology.

Complaint reached CLDF

The students contacted District Representative Roosevelt Vilela (PL), who is a firefighter, to seek a solution.

In this Tuesday’s session (30/8), he took the problem to the Plenary. The parliamentarian stated that he sent a letter to the general command of the corporation to ask for explanations.

In a more drastic measure, Roosevelt also presented a PDL in order to stop the effects of the Normative Instruction that increases the cut-off grade.

What does the CBMDF say?

Sought this Wednesday afternoon (8/31), the CBMDF press office had not responded to the report’s questions until the article was published. The space remains open for possible demonstrations.

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