Cash Mansions: Stop being a dick face, Bolsonaro!

Cash Mansions: Stop being a dick face, Bolsonaro!
Cash Mansions: Stop being a dick face, Bolsonaro!

Ricardo Kertzman

08/31/2022 – 18:38


According to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), about 70% of Brazilians own their own home, and here I do not differ in type, location and quality of housing: whether luxury properties, simple apartments in housing programs, small houses in communities, “pau a pique” shacks in rural invasions or on the banks of rivers.

Of this total, 62% are homeowners free of charge on their homes, that is, they do not have financing or other debts to pay, which is excellent, since Brazil is the world record holder for real interest rates (about 8.5% per year). The remaining 8% of property owners, however, spend blood, sweat and tears to pay off their debts.

Even so, according to the excellent Fundação João Pinheiro, in a study carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), the Brazilian housing deficit is close to an astounding 6 million homes. In other words, we still have, unfortunately, a gigantic and tortuous way to go.

Well then. How many of these homes, “from luxury to garbage”, small or huge, paid off or financed, in the extreme north or extreme south of the country, do you, friendly readers, imagine having been bought in cash, cash, puffs in your hand, note upon note, without any transaction or bank trace?

And more: of the amount transacted, partially or totally in cash, how many do you imagine being from the same family, from the same political clan whose life trajectory, demonstrably, took place – and still does!! – linked to phantom employees, proximity to militias and confessed use of embezzlement, aka rachadinhas?

Yes, I’m talking about the clan whose patriarch is none other than Jair Bolsonaro, the executioner of Planalto, president of the Republic and candidate for reelection next October. He and his family, including their children and ex-wives linked to politicians, built a millionaire real estate estate, paying for the properties, in whole or in part, in cash.

His son Flávio, king of Panettone, lives in a mansion acquired, in part, through a loan from a state bank, with subsidized interest, registered in a registry office in a small town near Brasília, the island of national fantasy, where millions and billions of reais flow under monthly allowances, petrolões and other corruption schemes.

Daddy Bolsonaro also lived, before moving to Alvorada, in a mansion in a condominium in Rio de Janeiro. His son Renan, the one with the face of a Mexican movie ham, investigated by the Justice for influence peddling, lives with his mother in a mansion in Brasília, which he said was rented, but which he has now confessed to having acquired.

There are more than 100 properties, between bought and sold, using cash. There are more than 25 million reais that, in one way or another, I repeat, in part or in full, escaped the inspection bodies, such as COAF, which Bolsonaro intervened, still at the beginning of the government, due to investigations into bolsokid. Flavio.

Those who use cash to escape official controls, as we know, are thieves, corrupt politicians and businessmen, tax evaders, drug and arms dealers, pimps and the like. Am I saying that the Bolsonaros belong to this group? Not. I’m saying that when they transact like this, they can be mistaken for criminals.

Jair Bolsonaro, Queiroz’s friend, who clogged First Lady Michelle’s account with 90 thousand reais, when asked about it, said: “what’s the problem”? Well, the problem, dear chloroquine devotee, is that you, as president of the Republic, find yourself mixed up with Fernandinho Beira-mar and Marcola, not without reasons, you understand, dear “myth”?

The problem is that you and your family, so successful in the real estate world, employed for decades in the public service, constitute an asset far beyond the ordinary. If everything happened within normality, that is, through the banking system, it would already be unusual. Giving yourself in this way, then, in cash, draws everyone’s attention even more.

Brazilian politics is so lame and Brazilian voters so mediocre that they don’t even care about issues like that anymore. Such a case, in developed democracies, would be a scandal of unimaginable proportions, but here, in Banânia, it becomes just a dispute between sects, for which idol steals more or less, and in what way.

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