26-year-old woman is killed while looking for objects at her ex’s house – 01/09/2022 – Daily life

26-year-old woman is killed while looking for objects at her ex’s house – 01/09/2022 – Daily life
26-year-old woman is killed while looking for objects at her ex’s house – 01/09/2022 – Daily life

A 26-year-old woman was murdered in Videira, in the western region of Santa Catarina, when she returned to her ex-husband’s house to get some objects after the separation. The 36-year-old man is suspected of committing the crime and had his preventive detention ordered by the Justice.

Camila Corrêa was stabbed to death as she prepared to work on Monday morning (29). According to the police, she received several blows to the back and was rescued at the city hospital, but could not resist. The victim had two children, ages 2 and 7.

According to information from the Santa Catarina Court of Justice, the couple had been separated for five months and the femicide would have occurred because the victim refused to resume the relationship.

In a custody hearing on Tuesday (30), Judge Heriberto Max Dittrich Schmitt, from the Criminal Court of Videira, decided to keep the accused in prison.

Camila was buried on Tuesday morning in Água Doce, the city where she had left to work in Videira.

On August 9, also in Videira, Daniela Granemann, 40, was murdered inside her home with 23 blows from a piercing object. The Public Ministry denounced the woman’s ex-husband for the crime, which would have been committed through cruel means and appeal that made it difficult for the victim to defend himself.

The body was found by the victim’s 11-year-old son shortly after the femicide. The accused turned himself in to the police and is being held in preventive custody at the Advanced Prison Unit of Videira.




  • Dial 180
  • Send an email to: [email protected]
  • The service also provides information on women’s rights, such as the closest and most appropriate places of assistance for each case: Casa da Mulher Brasileira, Reference Centers, Delegacias de Atendimento à Mulher (Deam), Public Defenders’ Offices, Integrated Centers for Assistance to women, among others
  • The call is free and the service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the week. All people who call reporting events of violence against women are answered


  • dial 100
  • Responds to serious situations of human rights violations, such as violence against women, and activates the competent bodies, enabling the act to be caught.


  • CNJ (National Council of Justice) and AMB (Association of Brazilian Magistrates) launched, in June 2020, the Red Signal campaign against domestic violence. The central idea is that the woman can ask for help in pharmacies, public agencies and bank agencies with a red sign drawn on the palm of her hand.
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