Father beats and stabs daughter because dog didn’t eat – Gerais

Father beats and stabs daughter because dog didn’t eat – Gerais
Father beats and stabs daughter because dog didn’t eat – Gerais
People tried to lynch the man at the time of his arrest (photo: Maicon Costa)

A man identified as 51-year-old Joo Delfino da Cruz was arrested after beating and stabbing his 18-year-old daughter on Tuesday night (8/30) in Bairro Nova Monlevade, in Joo Monlevade, Central Region of Brazil. state.

According to the Military Police, Joo Delfino arrived home very upset because no one had taken care of his dog. The victim then would have tried to calm the man, who started the aggression, with punches and hair pulling.

To escape the attacks, the young woman ran to Rua Dona Tereza do Congado. Her father then questioned if she was calling the Military Police and, annoyed, would have thrown his daughter on the ground and stepped on her head and stabbed her in the neck several times with a knife.

The man would only be restrained by popular people, who realized what was happening and prevented him from continuing the aggression. Then he fled to his house.

The Military Police were called to the scene and arrested the aggressor in flagrante delicto for attempted murder. Residents even tried to lynch the man at the time of arrest. He was taken to the Civil Police station, being made available to justice.

The young woman was rescued by the Volunteer Rescue Service (Sevor) and taken to the Margarida Hospital, where she was treated and later released.

What abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships against women occur when there is a discrepancy in the power of one over the other. They do not come out of nowhere and, even if the violence is not clearly presented, the abuse is there, present from the beginning. It is necessary to clarify that the abusive relationship does not start with explicit violence, such as threats and physical aggression.

How to report violence against women?

  • Call 180 to help victims of abuse.
  • In emergencies, call 190.

What is physical violence?

  • spank
  • Throwing objects, shaking and squeezing arms
  • strangle or suffocate
  • cause harm

What is psychological violence?

  • threaten
  • constrain
  • Humiliate
  • Manipulate
  • Prohibit from studying, traveling or talking to friends and relatives
  • constant surveillance
  • Blackmail
  • Ridicule
  • Distorting and omitting facts to leave the woman in doubt about sanity (Gaslighting)

What is sexual violence?

  • Rape
  • Forcing a woman to perform sexual acts that cause discomfort
  • Preventing the use of contraceptive methods or forcing the woman to have an abortion
  • Limiting or nullifying the exercise of women’s sexual and reproductive rights

What is patrimonial violence?

  • control the money
  • stop paying I think
  • Destroy personal documents
  • Deprive of goods, values ​​or economic resources
  • Causing purposeful damage to the woman’s objects

What moral violence?

  • accuse of treason
  • Issuing moral judgments about conduct
  • make lying reviews
  • expose intimate life
  • Downgrading through cursing that focus on your ndole

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