Mega-Sena Contest 2515 awards 290 SC bets with five and four tens; check values

Mega-Sena Contest 2515 awards 290 SC bets with five and four tens; check values
Mega-Sena Contest 2515 awards 290 SC bets with five and four tens; check values

No one got the six scores right in the Mega-Sena 2515 contest, with the main prize estimated at R$ 42 million, which was drawn on Wednesday (31) by Caixa Econômica Federal. Despite this, 290 bets from Santa Catarina hit five or four scores.

According to Caixa, 97 bets accepted five dozen and each one will have R$ 38,822.29. This is the case of a bet by Itajaí, which won Mega’s corner. The simple game of six tens was held at Chaplin’s Lottery.

Itajaí’s bet won the biggest jackpot among Santa Catarina residents – Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil/ND

With four hits, there were 6,861 winning bets throughout Brazil and, therefore, each one will take home R$ 784.09. In Santa Catarina, there were 289 bets that hit the Mega court.

See the numbers drawn: 03-12-19-41-45-54

For the next draw, scheduled for next Saturday (3), the estimated prize is R$ 50 million.

How to play

Mega-Sena pays millions to the player who picks the 6 numbers drawn. It is still possible to win prizes by matching 4 or 5 numbers among the 60 available on the betting wheel. To make the dream of being the next millionaire come true, you must mark 6 to 15 numbers on the wheel, being able to let the system choose the numbers for you (Surpresinha) and/or compete with the same bet for 2, 4 or 8 consecutive contests (Stubborn).


Mega-Sena draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In order to adjust the number of the Mega da Virada contest, which must end in 0 or 5, Mega-Semanas were created, which are exclusive to Mega-Sena. The draws take place at predetermined dates throughout the year. There are three competitions per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Check it out in the draw schedule or in Important Announcements.


The minimum bet, of 6 numbers, costs R$ 4.50. The more numbers you dial, the higher the bet price and the greater your chances of winning the most coveted prize in the country.


The gross premium corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. Of this percentage:

35% are distributed among those who match the 6 numbers drawn (Sena);

19% among those who correctly match 5 numbers (Quina);

19% among those who match 4 numbers (Quadra);

22% are accumulated and are distributed to those who match the 6 numbers in the final 0 or 5 contests.

5% are accumulated for the first band – sena – of the last contest of the year ending 0 or 5 (Mega da Virada).


If there is no winner in any range, the value accumulates for the next contest, in the respective prize range. Be sure to check your betting slip.

Prizes expire 90 days after the draw date. After this period, the amounts are transferred to the national treasury for application in the FIES – Higher Education Student Financing Fund.

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