Itep makes available ‘RG of Urgency’ from Friday (2) in RN | large northern river

Itep makes available ‘RG of Urgency’ from Friday (2) in RN | large northern river
Itep makes available ‘RG of Urgency’ from Friday (2) in RN | large northern river

The Technical-Scientific Institute of Expertise of Rio Grande do Norte (Itep) will make available from Friday (2) the “RG of Urgency”. The modality will guarantee the delivery of the document faster, in up to three business days.

According to Itep, the current deadline for issuing the identity card varies from 10 to 20 working days, due to internal procedures and the logistics of sending documents to the identification posts.

Itep then defined specific cases in which people need documentation more urgently (see list below).

The citizen must request the urgent nature preferably via e-mail to [email protected], informing which case it fits and already forwarding the supporting documents, or if this is not possible, through a written request directly at the headquarters of the Institute of Identification, in Ribeira.

The direction of the Identification Institute will analyze and decide on the request. If approved, the citizen will receive a communication by e-mail and will receive their identity card within three working days, which can also be collected at the agency’s headquarters.

Iteo reinforces that the request for the Emergency ID can only be made, mandatorily, after the service at the Citizen’s Center, which can be scheduled over the internet.

Cases in which citizens may request the Emergency ID:

  • Natural disasters;
  • School registration (present a document from the educational institution that informs that it is necessary to present the identity card to register);
  • Immediate need for travel for health reasons of the applicant, his/her spouse or relative up to the second degree;
  • Due to the need to travel for work (provided it is proven with a statement from the company specifying the impossibility of planning the trip in advance);
  • Request for exams, surgeries or other health cases (present the documentation that proves the request);
  • Interest of Public Administration;
  • Public or private events, such as registration for sporting events (present the Registration);
  • Request for benefits before public bodies or money held in a bank.

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