See what is #FACT or #FAKE in Lucas Salles’ interview for g1 | Federal District Elections 2022

See what is #FACT or #FAKE in Lucas Salles’ interview for g1 | Federal District Elections 2022
See what is #FACT or #FAKE in Lucas Salles’ interview for g1 | Federal District Elections 2022

The three candidates who scored 6% or more in the August 15 IPEC poll were invited to an hour of live chat with journalists. Fred Ferreira and Rita Yoshiminegives Globe Brasilia. Candidates who scored less than 6% in the same survey were invited to a twenty-minute recorded interview with the presenters.

The order of the exhibition was defined by drawing lots, with representatives of the candidates. Leila do Vôlei (PDT), who was to be interviewed on Monday (22), did not participate, claiming campaign commitments.

The interviews with Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), Paulo Octávio (PSD), Robson da Silva (PSTU) and Izalci Lucas (PSDB) have already been shown and remain on the website and podcast platforms.

The Fato ou Fake team checked the main statements made by Lucas Salles. Read below:

“Today we say here that there are 10,000 children of early childhood age in the day care center, from 0 to 5 years old. But that number is much higher, that number is much higher.”

2 of 3 fact seal — Photo: g1

fact seal — Photo: g1

The statement is FACT . See why: According to the most recent data from the Department of Education, there are currently 15,262 children waiting for a place in public daycare in the Federal District.

The secretariat has an agreement with 123 philanthropic entities, confessional and non-profit, 64 of them with service in their own building and 59 Early Childhood Education Centers (CEPIs). These entities are responsible for serving approximately 24 thousand childrenthroughout the Federal District.

“We came out of a pandemic. People are all impacted in terms of mental health, and now the economic problems. Today we have around 600 people here in need of food.”

3 of 3 FAKE Seal — Photo: G1

FAKE Seal — Photo: G1

The declaration is FAKE . See why: according to a survey by the Observa DF project, carried out by the University of Brasília (UnB) and released at the end of last year, the number of brasilienses with food-related difficulties is much higher than the number indicated by the candidate. Almost half of the 1,000 people interviewed by the project reported experiencing some degree of food insecurity.

Altogether, 9.5% of adults in Brasilia reported feeling hungry, but not eating for lack of money, at least once in the three months prior to the survey. The researchers found 30.4% of people mildly food insecure, 9.2% moderately food insecure, and 10.3% of the population severely food insecure, with 17% reporting never consuming important health foods like cereal, cheese, meat, poultry or fish.

*Afonso Ferreira, Anna Reis, Ana Vinhote, Isabella Melo, Mara Puljiz and Marcelo Parreira

Listen to the full podcast with DC candidate Lucas Salles

Read more news about the region on g1 DF.

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