Kalil reveals that he had a video that satirizes Zema deleted: “a kid thing”

Alexandre Kalil (PSD) clarified why his campaign video that satirizes the governor Romeo Zema (New) was removed from their social networks shortly after being published, this Tuesday (30). The advertising piece that called Zema “Zêmané” lasted a few minutes on Kalil’s social networks.

The former mayor of Belo Horizonte revealed that he had no knowledge of the production of the material and that he ordered the team to delete the video as soon as he watched it. The statement was given in an interview with JM radio, in Uberaba, in the Triângulo Mineiro, this Wednesday (31).

“I had it taken down. I wasn’t aware of that video. When I arrived, they showed me. I said I don’t accept this kind of thing. I’m not going to start any kind of aggression. I don’t need that kind of thing”, said the candidate for governor of Minas.

Despite having disapproved of the publication, Kalil said he would not hold anyone on the team responsible. The candidate also apologized to those who watched the video.

“”I want to apologize first – not to him – I want to apologize to whoever saw that. That was rude, it was an internet brat thing. That was a campaign disaster, it happens. In the same way that they create spectacular campaigns, they make this kind of disaster. I’m not blaming anyone,” he said.

another video

This Wednesday (31), Kalil published another video on his social networks. In that publication, the former mayor claimed that Zema would have shown hospitals in an electoral program that would have been inaugurated during his administration in the city of BH.

As with Tuesday’s post, the second video remained a few minutes on Kalil’s official social media and was deleted.

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