see the main points of the budget proposal for 2023

see the main points of the budget proposal for 2023
see the main points of the budget proposal for 2023

The Annual Budget Law Project (PLOA) of the Ministry of Economy was released late this Wednesday afternoon (31/8) and sent to the National Congress.

The PLOA details the proposal of all the Powers of the Union for the Fiscal, Social Security and Investment Budgets of SOEs for 2023.

The document deals with matters such as minimum wage, readjustment of civil servants, Auxílio Brasil and the Income Tax table.

See the main points of the 2023 Budget project:

  • The federal government will have a budget of BRL 1.722 trillion subject to the straight-forward rule.
  • Fiscal consolidation trajectory: primary deficit of BRL 63.7 billion (LDO target – BRL 65.9 billion deficit).
  • Provision of additional R$ 80.2 billion in tax incentives and other exemptions: a) extension of measures to mitigate the effects of fuel shocks (R$ 52.9 billion); and b) other exemptions (R$ 27.2 billion).
  • Space of R$ 14.2 billion for readjusting the remuneration of public servants (R$ 11.6 billion for the Executive, including the FCDF).
  • Payment of Auxílio Brasil in the average amount of R$ 405 (21.6 million families).
  • Reserve for amendments by the General Rapporteur (RP 9) – Secret budget – in compliance with § 5 of art. 13 LDO 2023, in the amount of BRL 19.4 billion.
  • Forecast of an additional R$ 80.2 billion in incentives/exemptions (including extensions).
  • Minimum salary – BRL 1,302
  • GDP – 2.50%
  • Nominal GDP – BRL 10,628.7 trillion
  • Inflation – 4.50%
  • Dollar – BRL 5.12
  • Average Selic – 12.49%
  • Average price of a barrel of oil -US$ 93.93

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