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Airbnb enters the sights of condominiums in Rio

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

Rent a property for a season through Airbnb became a trend among people who are going to travel, after all, the low cost and comfort of staying in a house are great advantages for those who are intending to take a few days off. But, if for those who are going to enjoy it, this is a moment of happiness, for the residents this practice has brought more and more problems. Concerns about safety and complaints of noise and disorder are the most common complaints and have led to restrictions or even bans on vacation rentals.

In Condomínio Flamengo, in the south of Rio, the Aline account that they had to file a lawsuit to ban the practice. “We need to go to court, as we had the case of an owner who rented the apartment for this purpose, but at no time communicated it to the administration. We always had problems during the locations, but there was an episode, during a carnival, when she filled the apartment with people from outside Brazil, who didn’t speak Portuguese. These guests circulated around the building, sat on the stairs and in the lobby with alcoholic beverages, as if our building had a common/leisure area and we don’t. The doormen lost control as they couldn’t communicate with them and it ended up causing a huge mess..”, Aline said. She also explains that today there is a clause in the condominium agreement that prohibits any type of temporary rental in the building, saying that the building is strictly residential and family, and can only be used for that purpose.

The professional trustee Maikel Faria, from Le Lavant Block, in the Saint Tropez Condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, has not yet obtained this ban and continues to face difficulties with short-term rentals. “The biggest problem is when people arrive at the condominium without prior notice and, consequently, without registering within the administration’s opening hours. This ends up causing problems in the main entrance and in the block, as the employees do not have the data of the new resident, causing fear and insecurity for both them and the residents..”, clarifies the trustee.

Anna Carolina Chazan

Maikel also points out that, most of the time, people who rent apartments on these platforms end up disrespecting the condominium rules regarding the convention and internal regulations. “It is very common for these guests to disturb the peace of the residents or disobey the rules of good coexistence with shouting and racket, abuse of sound instruments, provocations or noises produced by pets..”, he explained.

With the approach of Rock in Rioat the beginning of September, Estasa’s General Manager of Building Management, Anna Carolina Chazan, says that some condominiums are already organizing to establish stricter rules for renting apartments on Airbnb. She explains that some precautions can be taken to try to reduce problems, such as registering the units with the contact of the owners, in case of an emergency. In addition, the condominium must define strict rules for this practice in assembly and require owners to fill in a form with guest information and the length of stay. “There are already court decisions that guarantee the condominium the prohibition of this type of lease. But it is a longer and more expensive path. The ideal is to try first measures that minimize the problems”, finished.

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