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“In all these years I have witnessed many people alienate themselves from their own writing.

not to suffer. It’s an alternative. Well man. for me this choice

it was neither desire nor possibility. I was what I wrote. I am.”

(Eliane Brum)

Germano Viana Xavier

We are born and die several times during our lives. Here is a great truth whose escape man has not yet been able to discover. Life is made up of daily, everyday resurrections and deaths. Memory makes use of some portions of history and keeps what is most urgent. But not everything survives the weather, which crushes and tears.

Being born, as we may suspect in advance, is not an easy task. Dying hurts. Being reborn can hurt even more. In this way, in pieces, our bodies and hearts are made to last to the limit of pain we cannot bear. The boundary between what we can and what we cannot bear is in front of what seems simple, like a blank page placed under a pencil or a mere look at the common.

Writing can be the salvation when our births become confused with our deaths. It is about the invention of life from the word that the book “Meus desacontecimentos” is about, the story of my life with words, by renowned journalist Eliane Brum. A far from simple – and even rude – book about the broken girl or the broken boy that can exist inside each of us.

Our failures can prevail at any time, they can suffocate us, but it is also from them that we can derive most of the learning that will lead us throughout our vital journey. Our disruptions happen every day, uninterrupted. Seeing them with serenity can mean brutal condemnation or the fertile finish for a better, more dignified and just future.

And the word, where does it come into all this?

The word, as being-to-be-being, sacrifices itself to produce the life that we lack. Writing we are more than we know ourselves to be. The word points us, transports us beyond what we are or think we are. The word helps to make crossings. But beware: the word hurts, stains and can kill. The world without words is darkness, as Brum tells us. To get out of such a disastrous place, knowing how to read the banal that transforms us is perhaps the most intelligent way out.

Autobiographical par excellence, “Meus desacontecimentos” is not limited to the chronicle of the author’s childhood. It is more about passion and love for the written and/or oral/told word than anything else and deserves the careful reader’s attention. Brum enchants and disenchants us by enchanting us, something that only good writers can do.

Germano Xavier was born in Iraquara, Chapada Diamantina-Bahia, in 1984. He is a journalist from UNEB and has a master’s degree in Literature from UPE. He published the book Clube de Carteado (Franciscana, 2006). His book of short stories entitled Sombras Adentro (not yet published) was a finalist for the IV Pernambuco Prize for Literature (2016). In 2021, he published the book The Cornered Man (Penalux); and in 2022, Esplanada do Tempo, which comprises the second part of the Centaur Trilogy. He writes to find the equator of all things.
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