Climbers install pipes from the Governador Valadares water main (MG)

The assembly of the pipeline is expected to take 60 days and will not affect traffic on site.

Climbers are working on installing pipes for the water main, below the São Raimundo bridge, in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais. The pipeline will interconnect the new water intake with the Vila Isa Water and Sewage Treatment Station (ETA). The assembly is expected to take about 60 days.

The professionals responsible for the action have experience in carrying out aerial activities on bridges and viaducts. According to the Renova Foundation works manager, Nilo Carvalho, the people mobilized to work on Renova Foundation works are trained in various aspects of work safety and for the activities they will carry out. “The climbers in question are properly trained in working at height techniques, according to the Regulatory Standard (NR 35), and in industrial mountaineering areas, according to the standards of Irata International and the Commercial Association of Industrial Mountaineering”.

Mountaineers in GV

Renova Foundation works manager Alessandro Jerônimo explains that the activities carried out on the bridge will not affect traffic. “As the pipeline for the São Raimundo bridge will be installed below the level of the carriageway, the passage of vehicles over the BR-116 bridge/road will not be impacted and traffic on the site will proceed normally.”

The work

The pipeline will supply the seat of the municipality of Governador Valadares with a new water intake from the Corrente Grande River. To date, more than 33 kilometers of pipeline have been installed. In the urban section, about 88% of the works were completed. The completion of the works is scheduled for December 2022.


With a total length of 38 kilometers, the pipeline will have a flow capacity of 900 liters of water per second. Three branches will connect the main line of the water main to the Water Treatment Stations (ETAs) in the Santa Rita, Centro and Vila Isa districts.

The work is carried out by the Renova Foundation and carried out in the field by specialized companies with experience in this type of activity, which operate along the entire length of the water main. The activities are also supervised by the Municipality of Governador Valadares, the City Council and the Autonomous Water and Sewage Service (SAAE).

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