Felipe D’Avila defends the end of monocratic decisions of the STF

The presidential candidate for Novo, Felipe D’Avila, defended today (31), on his social networks, the end of monocratic decisions by ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). According to him, the highest court in the country is a body that should only manifest itself in a collegiate manner.

He had already addressed the matter yesterday (30), when he reflected on topics he had raised during interviews with the media. According to the candidate’s official schedule, he attended five different vehicles in the last two days.

D’Avila has argued that courts in other countries act differently from the STF and said he was in favor of a reform of the Judiciary. “It is the manifestation of a collegiate body. Not the voluntarism of a person”, he wrote yesterday, classifying the existence of monocratic decisions as absurd.

The candidate also addressed in a video, published on social networks, what would be the priority of his government. “My first measure as president is a plan for the resumption of economic growth, income and employment. Brazil needs to grow again, to prosper. Because without growth, we will not solve social problems”, he wrote.

Click here and check the agenda of candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for this Wednesday (31).

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