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The numbers of online sales in Brazil do not cease to surprise positively.

In 2020, online sales grew 34.76% in Brazil. In 2021, growth was still strong, at 28.45%. The expectation is that in 2022 and in the coming years, growth will be at 20% per year, and that in 2025 the sales volume will reach an impressive R$465 billion reais.

This is what a study released by the discount platform reveals, with data from Statista on e-commerce sales in Brazil.

The annual growth rate of 20% is the highest among all countries, and almost twice the world average (11.3%).

The growth of online shopping in Brazil is high, as the penetration rate (percentage of people who make daily purchases online) is still low. In Brazil, only 49% of people made an online purchase in the last 12 months. Just as a comparison, in the United Kingdom (leading country in this factor), the penetration rate is 84%.

With regard to online shoppers, in 2021 the number was 114 million. In 2022 the projection is 123 million. And by 2025, the number is 138 million – a growth of over 12%.

Source: Statista,

Preference among Brazilians

Clothing is the most purchased product online by Brazilians. In second place are electronics, such as TVs, smartphones and notebooks. Shoes are in third position. Then, among the best sellers, are accessories, pharmacy products and food.

The preferred way for Brazilians to shop online is via Smartphone, followed by Notebook and Computer (PC). The Tablet and Smart TV, are fourth and fifth, respectively.

According to the survey, the 3 main factors that Brazilians consider as advantages of buying online are: delivery directly to the home, promotions with lower prices than physical stores, and the wide variety of products offered.

On the other hand, the 3 main negative factors are: the difficulty in making an exchange, the delay in shipping time and not having the possibility of prior contact with the product.

Source: Statista,

Source: statist,

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