Rhythm diversity marks the final of the 1st Tocantins Dance of State Schools – Tocantins Connection

Rhythm diversity marks the final of the 1st Tocantins Dance of State Schools – Tocantins Connection
Rhythm diversity marks the final of the 1st Tocantins Dance of State Schools – Tocantins Connection

A diversity of rhythms brightened the stage of the auditorium of the Elizângela Glória Cardoso State School, this Tuesday, 30th, in Palmas. The final of the I Dança Tocantins of State Schools brought together 25 presentations by winning students from the 13 regional stages, in the solo and group categories.

The audience vibrated along with the movements synchronized with the music. Each step expressed the participants’ joy and desire for the dance. At the same time, three technical judges evaluated the presentations. “From body language to costumes, the jury’s mission is to analyze the movements”, explained Vânio Braga, Seduc’s Sports technician.

Solo category winners

At the end, at the most anticipated moment of the night, the contest revealed the winners in the solo category. In 1st place, with 86.3 points, the one who got the best was Iago dos Santos Nascimento, from the Euclides Bezerra Gerais State School, in Paranã, a city belonging to the Regional Board of Education (DRE) of Arraias. “I didn’t really believe it at the time, but I was very happy. My stepfather always said I would be a champion,” said the student.

In 2nd place, with 85 points, was student Luana José Belém, from Colégio Estadual Dr. Quintiliano da Silva, from the board of Porto Nacional. A little more than 82 points guaranteed the student Maria Vitória Pereira de Sousa, from CEM Castro Alves, DRE de Palmas, the 3rd place in the solo category.

Group category winners

The winning group in 1st place, with 115.3 points, is composed of students Isabelle Rodrigues, Yasmim Lima and Fernanda da Luz, from the Novo Horizonte State School, DRE de Palmas. “We can’t explain the emotion. We trained a lot to be here. It took two months of rehearsal to be able to deliver our best. And we want to thank you for the opportunity”, said Fernanda.

The 2nd place group, with 109.9 points, is formed by Mylena Rodrigues, Ayná Tanaka, Ayara Tanaka, and Sarah Alves, from the Military College of the State of Tocantins – Presidente Costa e Silva, DRE of Gurupi. The 3rd place went to students Ariadilar Nascimento, Marcylene Conceição and Kauany Silva, from Escola Cícero Gomes de Jesus. Together they secured 98.8 points.


Education awarded the top three in each category and their respective schools. The 1st and 2nd places received cell phones and the 3rd place received a tablet, in addition to trophies. The winners’ schools were awarded a notebook.


Even before the competition started, Aleandra da Silva Gomes, mother of student Evellyn Gomes Valadão, from Colégio Militar do Tocantins Jorge Humberto Camargo, in Araguaína, was already in the crowd. The Student danced ballet in the solo category. “A unique emotion, that’s why I came to honor the event. I thank God for that. Everything is very organized and the team is to be congratulated. My daughter is already a winner for getting here,” she exposed.

The Executive Secretary of Education, Edinho Fernandes, highlighted the need for a project such as Dança Tocantins for students in the state school system. “We were very happy. It was wonderful to see the engagement we had on social media. The presentations took place at a very high level. Everyone who participated is victorious because they are practicing this important body movement, which is dance”, he pointed out.

I Tocantins Dance

Dança Tocantins is promoted by the Secretary of State for Education (Seduc) with the aim of encouraging the practice of this artistic manifestation in the school environment and valuing the talent of young people. More than 150 teaching units participated in the regional competitions, covering 70 municipalities in Tocantins and involving students from all regions of the state.

The regional disputes were carried out through popular voting, on the Dança Tocantins Instagram, with competitions in the 13 Regional Boards of Education (DRE).

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