Pai de santo is investigated for raping teenagers in the surroundings of DF

Pai de santo is investigated for raping teenagers in the surroundings of DF
Pai de santo is investigated for raping teenagers in the surroundings of DF

“Before this all came out, I thought I had chosen the best place in the world to live.” The report is from a 53-year-old woman who would have been a victim of sexual violence inside a shed, in Cidade Ocidental, in the surroundings of the Federal District.

In addition to her, at least two teenagers, aged 13 and 16, were also allegedly abused by the pai de santo of Ilê Axé Catubencimbe. The case took place at the end of last year, but the process is still in court and the suspect remains free.

The man reported to the Civil Police of Goiás (PCGO) lived daily with the victims. Antônio Roberto Silva do Nascimento, known in the community as Betinho, allegedly committed the aggressions against the two minors for almost a year.

However, sexual abuse only came to light after the 53-year-old woman, an Ekedi (a kind of work assistant), was attacked in one of the terreiro’s rooms, while she slept, in November.

As she told PCGO, she was sleeping with her daughters and two teenagers when she woke up wearing only her panties. According to the victim, as a rule of the house, people are not allowed to sleep in underwear, so at the time, she was dressed in shorts and a blouse.

“As I take sleeping medication, I didn’t notice any strange movements during the night. When I woke up, I asked the girls if they had taken my shorts off, even though I knew they wouldn’t. I then realized that someone had entered the shack we were in, as the stump that held the door had been removed”, details the woman, who prefers not to be identified.

The victim revealed what happened to everyone who was at the scene that day, including the owner of the terreiro. According to her, no one listened and they even accused her of having suffered a hallucination. However, one of the teenagers who was in the room confirmed the suspicion of a break-in.

According to the girl, a man dressed in a Flamengo shirt and black shorts had entered the shed where they were. Dissatisfied with the situation and without support from the community, Ekedi went to the police station to file a report, accompanied by one of her daughters and another young woman.

After returning from the police, the young woman who slept with the others reportedly told the older woman who had entered their shack that night. “She assured me with great certainty that she saw Betinho in our room, when she would have taken off my pants and rubbed herself on top of that same young woman,” she said.

Motivated by her colleague, the victim’s 53-year-old daughter also revealed that she had been a victim of abuse. According to her, she told her mother, the 13-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted by Betinho for about eight months. In the first attack of the alleged aggressor, he convinced her to lose her virginity saying that it was a religious sacrifice that, in reality, did not exist.

“She didn’t know much about the rituals and, even though she felt embarrassed, she thought that if she didn’t obey, she would be punished. It’s very sad for a mother to talk about it. My daughter’s faith is what lifts me up every day, which makes me open my eyes and believe that justice can be done”, declares the woman.

Since December last year, the case runs in secret at the Court of Justice of the State of Goiás (TJGO). To date, there has been no decision regarding the scheduling of an instruction and trial hearing. However, for victims, the process has been lengthy.

“Even with the process running, he managed to complete the initiation rite, known as ‘doing the saint’ and is still accepted within the community. On his part, I received several threats by message saying that I would regret it”, details the oldest victim.

For fear of reprisals, their wife and daughters have moved to another place, where they are living with other family members. “I left my life behind. My daughter wanted to disappear, she has suffered a lot. We seek justice,” she highlights.

The 13-year-old girl’s body and crime report was attached to the process in July this year, about four months after it was completed. The result attests that there was, in fact, a rupture of the young woman’s hymen.

“This report only came out months later because I insisted on charging, because everything was stopped. Employees said they weren’t ready, but the result had been in the system since March 4th and they hadn’t informed me anything until then. It’s a disgrace”, laments the mother.

What does the other side say?

The report of metropolises contacted Antônio Roberto Silva do Nascimento, but did not receive a response until the end of the article. The space remains open for future demonstrations.

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