Cold front arrives in SC and changes the weather; see the forecast

It is Wednesday, the 31st, starts with cold and 5ºC in Criciúma. During the day the temperature can reach 21ºC. The weather should be sunny among few clouds in the south of Santa Catarina. At Thursday, the 1st, the weather continues with sunshine between few clouds, but with a feeling of heat. According to the Epagri/Ciram the temperature is between 11ºC and 24ºC.


During the afternoon the arrival of a cold front can change the weather with an increase in clouds and a chance of rain showers. already in Friday the 2nd the cold front continues to advance and closes the weather, causing rain showers that may be accompanied by isolated storms in the south of Santa Catarina, especially in the areas bordering Rio Grande do Sul.

The risk is moderate for occurrences associated with moderate to heavy rain in a short period of time, lightning, possible hail and gusts of wind, according to the Santa Catarina Civil Defense. The temperature is between 15ºC and 17ºC.

Check the weather forecast in SC:

See the sea in Balneário Rincão:

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