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Images show the last moments of the life of Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, on August 5th – Disclosure

Images show last moments of life of Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, on August 5Disclosure

Published 08/31/2022 08:59

Rio – Security camera footage captured the last moments of the life of Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, husband of German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn, on August 5th. The main suspect in killing the victim is the partner himself, who is responsible for murder triply qualified for the crime. He is considered a fugitive from justice and had his name included on Interpol’s wanted list.

Uwe Herbert Hahn with her husband, Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52reproduction

In the video, it is possible to see the moment when the Belgian goes down through the garage of the couple’s apartment, in Ipanema, in the South Zone of Rio, staggering and having difficulty walking. In another moment, he falls to the ground and then uses the railing of the ramp to get up. Biot left at 11:32 am to walk the dog and returned 10 minutes later, at 11:42 am, to the apartment, where he never left.

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About seven hours after this record, the Belgian was found dead inside his house. The expertise carried out on the victim’s body pointed to at least 30 injuries on the Belgian’s body and the cause of death was head trauma to the back of the neck. The document also pointed to abrasions and bruises in the anal region, face, arms and knees. A large injury, between the belly and the chest would also indicate that there was a step, indicating that the victim could have been immobilized. Diplomat Uwe, the main suspect in the crime, denies the accusations. He says that the husband suffered a sudden illness, dying after collapsing on his face, hitting his face on the floor.

Arrest and Escape to Germany

The diplomat was arrested the day after the crime, but was released and left the country for Frankfurt, his birthplace, this Sunday (28). Uwe’s arrest was relaxed by the judge Rosa Helena Penna Macedo Guita, of the 2nd Criminal Chamber of the Court of Justice of Rio, as she considered that there was a delay in the complaint by the Public Ministry (MP) against the consul.

On Tuesday (30), a witness in the case denounced the diplomat after receiving threats by messages. The victim, a man who was a friend of the couple in Brazil, sought out the 14th DP (Leblon) in the early afternoon to report that the German tried to blackmail him through messages, with the intention of getting him to withdraw his statement. Uwe also said he was safe, unlike the witness, in a threatening tone.

The day after Uwe’s escape, the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), through the 1st Prosecutor’s Office with the IV Jury Court of the Capital, denounced the diplomat for the crime of qualified homicide against his spouse Walter Henri Maximilien Biot . In addition to the complaint, the prosecution also requested preventive detention, reaffirming that there was no loss of procedural deadline for filing the complaint.

According to the complaint, “the crime was committed using a cruel means: severe beating to which the victim was subjected, causing intense and unnecessary suffering. reduced by drinking alcohol and taking anxiety medication.”

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Uwe Herbert Hahn with her husband, Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52

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