Ash promises to lower BU from R$8.50 to R$7

Ash promises to lower BU from R$8.50 to R$7
Ash promises to lower BU from R$8.50 to R$7
RJ: Freixo promises to reduce transport tariffs. Photo: Mayara Donaria / Casa Fluminense

Federal deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB) has committed to lowering the price of the Bilhete Único, if elected, from R$8.50 to R$7. The measure has already been highlighted on its government platform, in the Emergency Mobility Plan.

“We need to solve the mobility problems of the Metropolitan Region, either through the Supervia, Metro Rio and ferry service. If there is no effective action, the bus will continue doing what it wants. We need to involve the state in a policy of mass transport” declared.

Currently, Supervia, which regulates transport in Greater Rio by train, is one of the emergency issues for the mobility of the state’s population, in addition to a proposal for the 2030 Agenda by Casa Fluminense. Reducing public transport fares, with extra-tariff sources of financing, taking public control of electronic ticketing, profit margins, expenses and operational data to manage the system with transparency and planning, are among the proposals of the House and other organizations of the civil society in Rio de Janeiro.

The Saturday was the second of the event “Agendas para o Rio: commitment to candidates in 2022”, promoted by Casa Fluminense. Residents of Duque de Caxias, Queimados, Belford Roxo, among other municipalities in Rio and Baixada Fluminense were also present.

Castro rises 7 points and reaches 26%; Ash has 19%, says Ipec

The Ipec survey – formerly Ibope – released this Tuesday (30th), shows that Cláudio Castro (PL) had an advantage over Marcelo Freixo (PSB) in the dispute for Rio de Janeiro: Castro rose seven percentage points, with 26% of vote against the opponent. Ash rose two points to 19%.

What is the 2022 Election date?

The first round of elections will be held in October 2nd, a Sunday. The second round – if necessary – will be played on October 30, also a Sunday.

See the order of choice in the electronic ballot box in Election 2022

  1. Congressman (four digits)

  2. state deputy (five digits)

  3. senator (three digits)

  4. Governor (two digits)

  5. President (two digits)

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